X-ray during pregnancy

Can I do X-rays during pregnancy?

To describe the amount of X-ray radiation absorbed by the body, use a unit of measurement - rad. 10 rads - this is an irradiation that can seriously damage a baby's health. Fortunately, almost all X-ray devices emit up to five radars. But this does not mean that there is no risk, because a child in the mother's tummy, especially the first three months, is actively growing and developing, and it is during this period that it is the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, most modern X-ray rooms work on out-of-date equipment. Therefore, you should carefully consider this issue.

It is also necessary to take into account that the harm from X-rays for the baby will be all the more important, the closer to it the investigated part will be. For example, an x-ray of a tooth with a radiation amount of 0, 01 millirades will not pose any threat. But about the study of the urinary system, if the situation is not critical, will have to forget. Well, or at least postpone for the second half of pregnancy.

Thus, it is possible to answer the question that worries many expectant mothers: how dangerous is the X-ray of the hand made as a result of the fracture. Proceeding from the above, we add: if the doctor knows about the presence of pregnancy, and took the necessary measures (for example, careful screening), then you can not worry. But, even so, after the 12th week, it will not hurt to undergo an ultrasound examination to make sure that everything is in order with the baby. By the way, keep in mind that pregnant women are forbidden to participate in X-ray diagnostics, that is, to support seriously ill relatives or children while they are being shot.

And if the fact of pregnancy was established after x-rays? In this case it is very important to remember when the picture was taken: before or after the expected period of menstruation. If "before", then you can not worry, but if "after", then consultation of a doctor, in particular genetics, is necessary.

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