Yellow body cyst during pregnancy

Yellow body cyst during pregnancy

What is the yellow body cyst?

The cyst of the yellow body is a tumor-like growth with thick walls, the inner space of which is filled with a yellow liquid (sometimes with an admixture of blood). It occurs, most often, in one of the ovaries due to the fact that after the maturation of the mature ovum - ovulation, instead of the growth of the cells of the follicle and the formation of the yellow body, its stretching and filling with serous fluid occurs. It is believed that the development of the cyst, is associated with a violation of lymph flow and circulation in the yellow body of the ovary.

As a rule, all the processes associated with the formation of the yellow body cysts are asymptomatic. In rare cases, at the time of the formation of the cyst, pain appears in the lower abdomen, and there are irregularities in the menstrual cycle. A possible complication of the cyst of the yellow body may be a hemorrhage into the cystic cavity. With high activity of this process, nausea and sharp pain in the abdomen often occur.

However, most often this cyst does not pose a threat to the health of women. Normally, the diameter of the cyst of the yellow body does not exceed 6 centimeters. Within 2-3 months there is a process of its reverse development.

The cyst of the yellow body can be detected by ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and laparoscopy.

What does the presence of the yellow body cyst during pregnancy mean?

Detection of the cyst of the yellow body in the early stages of pregnancy in most cases is not associated with serious disorders. In fact, such a cyst is a functioning yellow body of pregnancy (the yellow body of pregnancy regulates the rhythm of the contractile activity of the fallopian tubes and inhibits the contractile activity of the uterus), the structure of which has cystic changes. In its normal state, it has a rounded shape, with clear, even outlines, the contents of the cyst are ultrasound, uniform, ranging from 40-50 mm to 60-90 mm. After 14-16 weeks, its reverse development takes place and the functions of the yellow body pass to the placenta.

Only the violation of the integrity of the wall of the cyst of the yellow body can become dangerous, as a result of which the contents of the neoplasm poured out into the abdominal cavity, as well as the torsion of the cyst legs, leading to tissue necrosis. In the first and second cases, doctors are forced to resort to surgical treatment.

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