Yelp in pregnancy

Acne in pregnancy - causes, symptoms, treatment, what threatens the mother and child

The amount of this liquid increases with the increase in the term. By 38 weeks it is up to 1500 ml, and then begins to decrease to 600 ml. But this concerns a normal pregnancy. And it happens, that the amniotic fluid is not enough (what is called low water) or vice versa - in excess (polyhydramnios). Distinct mild water and severe. This can be determined using ultrasound or by calculating the so-called amniotic fluid index. Regular analyzes will help to identify the problem at an early stage and eliminate it.

Symptoms of hypochlorism in pregnancy:

  • pain when the child moves;
  • mismatch of the size of the uterus during pregnancy;
  • aching pain in the lower abdomen;
  • nausea;
  • weakness;
  • Dry mouth.


The probability of this problem does not depend on the age of the woman, nor on the number of births. Almost 50% of cases of low blood pressure accompany the threat of termination of pregnancy. Malnutrition can be a consequence of metabolic disorders, diseases of the genitals or urinary system, hypertension. It occurs against a background of a viral or worsening chronic disease, as well as with late toxicosis. It is often found in women who smoke (or any other intoxication - alcohol, drugs, chemicals). But in most cases, malnutrition develops when you are pestering.

What is dangerous for hypochlorism in pregnancy?

Since the fruit is insufficiently protected from external mechanical stimulation, it is possible that it is squeezed by internal organs, which can lead to a curvature of the spine, the development of clubfoot and other violations. The kid can not freely swim and tumbling, his movements are rather constrained, and this lack of exercise does not have the best effect on his physical development. It shows the deficiency of nutrients contained in the amniotic fluid.

Due to the lack of amniotic fluid, the baby may lag behind in development and growth, the brain suffers, oxygen starvation is observed, the skin is dried, often the hypotrophy (insufficient weight) of the fetus develops.

Almost half of all "low-water" pregnancies end prematurely: due to interruption or early birth. With full term pregnancy, developing in conditions of amniotic fluid deficiency, in 80% of cases there is a weak labor activity.

This pathology is reflected and on the well-being of the future mother: she experiences pain and discomfort in the abdomen.

Therefore, if your doctor puts you a diagnosis of "severe water scarcity" and assures you of the need for treatment, it is better not to think about this issue.

Be healthy and "well enough"!

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