Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga for pregnant women - features of classes for trimester, benefits and contraindications,

Yoga for pregnant women differs from yoga by a traditional set of special exercises, which are made taking into account the position of women. Such exercises are more calculated for training and setting of breathing, for maintaining the physical shape of the future mother, for eliminating anxiety and creating a feeling of peace and harmony. What it has is that it is possible to practice yoga for pregnant women starting from the first month of pregnancy. Moreover, classes are only welcome, and finding suitable yoga courses is not difficult: their services are now offered to pregnant women by many relevant centers.

The use of yoga for pregnant women

Yoga during the bearing of the baby can greatly improve the condition of the pregnant woman, prepare the body for childbirth and provide favorable conditions for the development of the baby. So, during the training a woman learns to control breathing, blood circulation improves and oxygen is more fully saturated with the body (which excludes fetal hypoxia), the spine is unloaded, tissues and joints become more elastic and supple. Thus, yoga for pregnant women, used regularly, "includes" all the systems of the organism of the future mother, makes them work better, has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the pregnant woman and her mood.

Despite the fact that yoga for pregnant women is extremely beneficial to a woman, you should always consult a doctor before practicing this or that set of exercises. The specialist will help to choose the most suitable program of classes, and also will be able to determine if the future mother has contraindications for training. These can be hypertension of the uterus and the existing threat of miscarriage, increased blood pressure, problems of the cardiovascular system or musculoskeletal system, late gestosis. However, in many cases, with the right selection of a program of yoga, a list of contraindications can even be narrowed, experts say.

But, even if there are no contraindications to training, yoga should still be done cautiously. The main goal in this case is improving the state of health, driving out bad thoughts, preparing for the upcoming birth. And to be engaged it is necessary easy and moderately, without aspiration to intensity of a pose. By the way, postures suggesting twists, deflections back from the lying position of the program are usually excluded. Also contraindicated for pregnant women during yoga classes jumping.

But inverted poses are welcomed - they contribute to the normalization of the hormonal balance. Also useful in the II and III trimesters is the practice of posing, standing. With their help, you can control weight, reduce the risk of edema and seizures, improve the blood supply to the fetus, strengthen the spine and the body as a whole.

While engaged, it is necessary to monitor your feelings, listen to the reaction to the training of the body. At the slightest discomfort from the posture that caused it, you should immediately go out. Especially cautious future mum should be at 12-14 weeks of pregnancy: at this stage it is desirable to have a presence in the program of studies except that the poses are upside down and lying on their backs.

Yoga in the first trimester of pregnancy

If yoga was present in your life before pregnancy, Now it is just necessary to revise the complexes of exercises that were practiced before the onset of the period of bearing the baby. And if you have only read and heard about yoga up to this point, perhaps now it's time now and yourself to try, what is this practice and what does it "eat"? After all, the benefits of yoga during pregnancy are an indisputable fact.

As for practicing yoga specifically in the first trimester of pregnancy: performing exercises allows you to prevent or eliminate the already manifested problems with digestion, reduces the manifestation of pain in the lower abdomen, relieves toxemia, solves the problem of dizziness and headaches.

Yoga in the first trimester of pregnancy is useful and as a "shaking tool": regular exercise the exercise stabilizes the nervous system and emotional background, helps to cope with fatigue, drowsiness, a sense of weakness.

Good yoga and in terms of improving the physical condition: moderate loads can strengthen the muscles of the back and increase the elasticity of the muscles, which is useful for a favorable course of pregnancy and will facilitate the upcoming birth.

At the same time, remember that the first trimester is one of the most crucial periods of pregnancy. Avoid asanas, which are performed in the prone position on the abdomen, do not allow twists, tightening in the abdominal area and inguinal area, without sharp turns and corners of the body.

Yoga in the second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy is the golden time for the future mummy: troubles in the form of toxicosis and fatigue are in the past, the anxiety and fear associated with the new condition have passed. And doing yoga during this period brings not only tangible benefits, but also some inner joy.

Yoga in the second trimester of pregnancy is a great way to prepare the body for entry into the third trimester, when the stomach becomes very large. In addition, the performance of asanas is still necessary to prepare for the upcoming birth.

On this in the complex of exercises should include those of them that will help to avoid the problem of varicose veins - well cope with this light upturned poses. Poses in the sitting position with an open chest, will help to avoid the most unpleasant companion of the second trimester of pregnancy - heartburn. Well, if in the complex there are poses to strengthen the body, removal of loads from the back and waist. Doing asanas, to all the rest, will also help maintain the respiratory system, develop the proper breathing technique. And also, they will benefit the cardiovascular system, ensure the supply of oxygen to the fetus in large quantities, which contributes to its favorable development.

But, again, the preparation of a complex of exercises should be balanced: do not practice asanas with twists, doing exercises on the stomach, turning the body with compressions of the lower abdomen, breathing exercises with a long delay in breathing.

And again: do not resort to yoga, if a pregnant woman has a weakness of the cervix - this is dangerous for the baby.

Yoga in the third trimester of pregnancy

Certainly, Do not give up yoga in the third trimester of pregnancy, moreover, now the performance of exercises can bring invaluable help. Of course, the practice of yoga should be approached carefully and with care, carefully thought out a safe set of asanas.

Say, it is not recommended in the last three months of pregnancy to resort to positions that require the exercise of lying on the back - to avoid squeezing a large vein. Also, do not be excessively carried away by standing poses, so as not to increase and so excessive load on the legs. True, it is possible to perform standing exercises, while resting against the wall. It is also advisable to exclude from the complex all exercises that involve deep slopes forward, strong turns of the trunk to the sides.

By the seventh month of pregnancy, experts advise you to forget about inverted poses, which give discomfort to the baby. And, when starting to perform "permitted" exercises, it is necessary to provide supporting materials and supports: all kinds of rollers, blocks, blankets and other devices that can provide balance, stability and insurance.

In general, yoga in the third trimester of pregnancy should be aimed at calming, relaxing, discharging the future mother. Moreover, practicing yoga regularly, a woman will perfectly prepare for the forthcoming birth, and even feel better at this stage.

So, yoga in the third trimester of pregnancy is an excellent tool for teaching the technique of proper breathing, relief of the condition of gravity in the lower back, legs and back, improving sleep and function of the gastrointestinal tract. Plus, with the help of yoga, a woman will even better prepare the body for the forthcoming birth, with the exercise of exercises strengthening the muscles and ligaments. And also - avoid or eliminate existing stagnation, improving with the help of yoga blood circulation, forgetting about dizziness and headaches.

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