Allowance for children under 3 years

Allowance for children under 3 years

Who has the right to receive benefits?

This type of social payments per child is charged monthly to mothers who are on maternity leave. Payment is credited to the account of the company where the woman works. The exception is military organizations and state enterprises. In this case, the financing of payments is made from the city budget. The accrual of the benefit occurs after the woman submits the relevant application and provides the necessary documents.

The following categories of persons have the right to receive a monthly allowance for a child under three years of age.

  1. The father of the child, his mother or a close relative, raising a child.
  2. A woman who is a civil servant, or a serviceman.
  3. A woman who studies in the university in absentia. This category includes post-graduate students, students of magistracy and doctoral studies.
  4. Women who have I and II disability groups.
  5. Women entrepreneurs.
  6. Women who were dismissed during the decree due to the closure of the company where they worked.
  7. Women who received the status of unemployed in the Employment Centers.
  8. Unemployed women who undergo retraining or are engaged in professional training.

The important point. People who receive other types of state social assistance are not entitled to receive the above benefits.

Required documents for receiving payments for a child under 3 years old

Before going to the appropriate institution to register a childcare benefit up to 3 years of age, you need to collect all the necessary documents for this. Here is their list:

  1. The application with the request for the calculation of benefits.
  2. The original and a copy of the birth certificate of the child for whom the allowance is accrued. This is the most important document of the baby. If you adopted him, then you need to provide a decision on custody.
  3. The original and a copy of your work book. You can provide a copy of a military ticket, student or student card.
  4. A certificate (original) from the employment service stating that the woman is not a recipient of unemployment benefits.
  5. A certificate from the place of study stating that no payments were previously made. This document is required for female students.

After collecting all these documents, you can go to the appropriate institution with your identity card. All of the above documents can be personally transferred to a representative of the enterprise or social, military service. A variant of sending these documents by mail is also possible. In this case, it is recommended to do the mailing with notification. So the sender will be sure that the documentation will be 100% received by the addressee.

So, knowing the rights to allowances, the list of required documents, you will be able to issue and receive state aid promptly.

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