uCare Wellness Delivery Goals

At uCare, we acknowledge the Lord who Heals as the ultimate Healer and the Great Physician, and our goal is to deliver wellness in the realms of the mind, spirit, and emotions restoring hope, purpose, clarity of mind, and purpose -  

"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers"  III John 1:2 

What is uCare?

uCare Wellness is a  Spiritual Care and counseling platform offering counseling, and spiritual care 100% online via Video calls.  uCare's approach to wellness is unique. Ucare is a non-medical online counseling and therapy focused on spiritual, mental, and emotional care to align you with God's divine plan. uCare services are available for Individuals, Couples, and Teens.


uCare Difference and Advantage

uCare offers spiritual, mental, and emotional care,  bringing God's hope and restoring purposes.   

 With purposes slipping away, and unresolved spiritual challenges,  people facing challenges have often resorted to unintended solutions which are not part of God's care plan for their wellness, leading to spiritual abuse, further captivity, or without results.   

uCare offers a solution-focused process-based, Bible-based, approach to spiritual care, counseling, and coaching, with professional expertise backed by data.   

uCare Faith Beliefs

uCare offers 100% Bible-Based Christian counseling, coaching, and consulting services, in partnership with our Spiritual Care Providers, who bring vast professional and spiritual experience to work professionally with clients, while from God's Word, the Holy Scriptures.   uCare is not affiliated with any denomination - and caters to all faiths, from a Bible-based perspective.

Our Mission

uCare offers hope and provides informed solution-focused and quality christian spiritual, emotional, and mental care, so people can find healing in their life's journey. Since 2016, uCare has been delivering mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness to individuals, and couples, families apart restoring all people of all ages from God's calling and plan. 

Families are tearing apart, there's the trauma from inner wounds, past emotional pains, sexual abuse, incest,  spiritual abuse, and dark past. Divorce,  separation, and broken homes adversely affect new generations, identity issues, loss of sense of purpose, indecision, and lack of clarity in making life's decisions. uCare was created for everyone to have a safe place to find spiritual, emotional, and mental healing, to rise above life's low times, and to be uplifted to fulfill God's greater plans.

At uCare, our providers are here to offer personalized guide you through life's decisions, stir you towards healthier choices, work through process-based, solution-focused deliverance methods, and offer spiritual care and support to our clients.

uCare Providers

uCare works with Professionals, Licensed Therapists, Licensed and Certified Midwives Pastoral Counselors, and Spiritual Consultants to provide holistic care. Licensed Midwives are independent practitioners and contractors, each licensed in their state and screened by the uCare administrative and compliance teams.

How uCare Supports the Community 

uCare supports the community through group counseling to communities in need, education, and resources.   Our community involvement includes self-care education, spiritual education, mind care education, emotional care education, community-based counseling, and guided deliverance programs and services. 

Disclaimer: uCare is not a medical provider. Licensed professionals are duly licensed. While some professional spiritual care providers may be licensed, We do not identify as medical providers and uCare does not give a diagnosis and does not give prescriptions and or medications.