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Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Pregnancy Care, Counseling & Therapy for your Wellness 

uCare offers access to managed specialized spiritual, mental, and emotional counseling services that can help you along life's journey with services ranging from spiritual healing, inner healing, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, prophetic consulting, therapy, and mentoring.  You can join your provider online over a secure video connection for routine appointments. 
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   uCare gives you the client the power to opt for solution-focused counseling services, spiritual care, therapy, and wellness tools and resources, providing you access to top-notch, non-medical  Mental, Emotional, and Christian Spiritual Care for your overall wellbeing 


uMind Care

Experts work with clients to provide the help needed to get your mind state to where you need to be for your goals. Mentoring, Coaching, Career Planning, Improvement and Support.  




Emotion Care

Individual, Couple, and Marriage Counseling. Pre-marital Counseling, Post-marriage counseling.  

Spiritual Care

General Christian Counseling, Specialized counseling, including prophetic consulting, prophetic counseling, and personalized prophetic consulting. 


uFitness Care

Connect with Nutritionists and fitness experts for personalized coaching, advising, and fitness routines that align with your fitness goal

Pregnancy Care & Spiritual Therapy

uCare works with certified and licensed midwives to provide women's care during and after pregnancy, and at every stage of a woman's life. Alongside our pregnancy care includes emotional, mental, and spiritual counsel, support, and classes at all stages of pregnancy - prenatal, during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy


Deliverance Therapy

Connect with Nutritionists and fitness experts for personalized coaching, advising, and fitness routines that align with your fitness goal


Art Therapy

Art Therapy sessions are offered to help stabilize the mind, enrich the mind, detoxify the mind, and help individuals connect with their soul, find inspiration, and enable their voices.  


Music Therapy

uCare offers music therapy sessions, offering clients with mental health issues, autism, down syndrome, inner healing, comfort, and internal alignment.



Writing Therapy

uCare offers writing therapy for inner healing, mind healing, identity, emotional, and mind care  

uCare Providers 

uCare works with Professionals, Licensed Therapists, Licensed and Certified Midwives Pastoral Counselors, and Spiritual Consultants to provide holistic care. Licensed Midwives are independent practitioners and contractors, each licensed in their state and screened by the uCare administrative and compliance teams.

 uCare Services

Therapy includes Pregnancy and Spiritual Care Therapy, and Deliverance Therapy. Emotional Care, Mind Care, Fitness Care, and Spiritual Care.Relationship, Marriage, Inner Healing, Inner Healing, Women's Counseling, Men's Counseling, Family Counseling. Family Issues (Paternity and Maternal Challenges),  Incest, and Sexual Abuse. Identity,  Sexual Abuse, Incest, Paternity, and General Family Healing 

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uCare speciality Area

Emotional Care 

Emotional Care and Relationship Counseling 
Individual Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling (Pre-marital counseling and Post-marital counseling)

Mind Care
Offers mind care using uCare Mind counseling models, to align your mind to God's purpose. 

Spiritual Care
Inner Healing, Personal Deliverance Care, 

Prophetic Consulting
Prophetic Counseling, and Prophetic Consulting
Prophetic counseling and prophetic consulting for life, business, and product development.


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Confidentiality and Client Spiritual Information Privacy uCare adheres to the SPIEX (Spiritual Information Exchange Protocols) guidelines, guaranteeing top-tier data security, responsibility, and ethical dissemination of spiritual information. This is ensured through a signed information release form as directed by the client, contingent upon the proper consent, thus maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of spiritual exchanges. 


Disclaimer: uCare is not a medical provider. Licensed professionals are duly licensed. While some professional spiritual care providers may be licensed, We do not identify as medical providers and uCare does not give a diagnosis and does not give prescriptions and or medications.  

The content provided across uCare wellness website or mobile app is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended as, and uCare wellness does not provide, medical advice, diagnosis, or medical treatment. Always contact your healthcare provider directly with any questions regarding your health or specific medical advice.