uCare Pricing, Payment Information

Billing and Payments
uCare services are pre-paid, with no monthly fees. You pay before receiving a service. uCare costs are based on counseling/therapy service received per time. You will only be charged for time. No subscription to receive care, no membership, no contracts. No hidden fees. 

How much does an appointment cost?
Rates are set by individual Providers. At the time of booking, each provider lists an appointment by the time. Service fees are charged by each provider, ranging 
from $50 based on service type.  Experienced providers may charge more for their prices.

Payment Types accepted 
We accept all major payment cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept Paypal.

Does uCare Accept Insurance? 
We do not accept insurance. Because uCare offerings extend beyond traditional counseling and therapy. We work with clients in several areas traditional counseling would not cover.

Is there free counseling on uCare?
No. uCare is focused on structured and high-quality service and does not offer free counseling, coaching, consulting, or therapy sessions. Our providers are industry professionals and experienced spiritual leaders and have subsidized their service rates on uCare to ensure our clients have access to top-notch services. Their time and expertise provided to clients via the uCare platform is honored.

Do you issue refunds?
We do not offer cash refunds, however, we do offer a credit to your uCare account for canceled appointments, canceled 48 hours before your appointment via email. You can apply the credits to future appointment bookings. A no-show appointment will not be refunded, you will be the charged the full cost of the booking.