uCare Service Types: Spiritual Care Mental, Emotional Care using Counseling, Coaching and Therapeutic Services.

uCare offers convenient spiritual care services to those who need them through online video calls.   

Individual Inner Healing Therapy

Couple Inner Healing Therapy

- Pre-marital Counseling

-Marital Counseling

Groups Inner Healing Therapy

Youth and Teens Inner Healing Therapy

Art Therapy 

Music Therapy 

Deliverance Therapy

uCare Categories

 We offer specialized emotional, mental, and spiritual care using process-based inner healing and counseling in the following areas. uCare serves clients in the following ways.  

Individual and Family Support:

Inner Healing from incest and abortion

Addressing ancestry and generational issues

Guidance through pregnancy

Pre-marital inner healing 

Marital healing

Removal of dependency on substance  abuse

Boosting the body's immune system through natural means and bring healing

Removal of faulty reasoning

Overcoming sexual addiction

Substance abuse recovery and inner healing

Resolving paternity and maternal issues inner healing

Specialized spiritual support for women and men

Pregnancy Spiritual Care, Pre-natal and Post-natal Spiritual Care

Relationship Guidance:

Pre-marital counseling for singles

Marriage counseling to strengthen bonds

Guidance through pre-divorce and post-divorce transitions

Healing and moving forward after adultery

Resolving communal and church-related hurts

Support for victims of spiritual abuse

Personal Development and Mind Care:

Uncovering identity and resolving

Identity and Purpose

Career realignment for professional satisfaction

Teen and Youth Counseling:

Addressing youth identity issues and alcoholism

Support for school dropouts re-entering education

Guidance for teen pregnancy

Combatting bullying and peer pressure

Solutions for academic challenges

Enhancing parent-teen communication and bonding

Spiritual Care and Therapy

General christian counseling    

Inner Healing and Guided Deliverance

Spiritual Trauma and Attacks: Curses, Marital Issues. Church-Related Trauma, Spiritual Abuse  

Specialized Prophetic Counseling: 

Get personalized expert advice through prophetic consulting.   

Get Spiritual consulting for personal development, professional development, product development, and spiritual growth.  

Life coaching and mentorship for personal growth

Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support, addressing a wide range of personal, familial, and spiritual challenges.