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Welcome to uCare, where your journey toward spiritual and emotional well-being is our utmost priority. As you journey on this path with us, you must understand the framework of our partnership, the nature of the services we provide, and the mutual expectations that guide our relationship. 

This informed consent introduction is designed to clarify these aspects, ensuring that you are fully aware and in agreement with how we proceed together. Informed consent is a foundational element of our practice, embodying the principles of transparency, autonomy, and mutual respect. It involves your right to be informed about our services, including the methods, benefits, and any potential risks involved in the spiritual care, counseling, mentorship, or any other services you may receive from uCare.

Our Commitment to You:

Confidentiality: We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection, ensuring that your personal information and the details of your sessions are safeguarded.

Professionalism: Our team comprises experienced and compassionate professionals committed to providing ethical, effective, and respectful care.

Collaboration: We view our relationship with you as a partnership, valuing your input and preferences in tailoring our services to meet your unique needs.

Your Role and Rights:

Active Participation: Your engagement and willingness to share openly are crucial to the effectiveness of our services.

You have the right to ask questions and receive clear answers, allowing you to make informed decisions about your care.

Privacy and Respect: You are entitled to privacy and respect throughout your interactions with uCare, including the right to decline any part of the service or to withdraw consent at any time.


About uCare Wellness

uCare Wellness, a brand of Uncursed LLC, is dedicated to helping individuals flourish in every aspect of life, aligning with God's magnificent blueprint for their well-being. At uCare, we provide personalized, process-driven inner healing, expert-led guided deliverance, general counseling, prophetic counseling, personal mentoring, and coaching services, all designed to facilitate the achievement of personal and spiritual goals.

Understanding uCare Services (Definitions)

uCare Wellness enhances your Christian spiritual journey with a suite of comprehensive services tailored to foster your spiritual, emotional, and mental healing, growth, and development in alignment with God’s ordination for you. uCare Wellness takes a Bible-based spiritual and professional approach.


The counseling journey helps lay ahead the processes that give you an advantage or overcome roadblocks in the pursuits of your divine agenda on earth. Our Counseling therapy is designed to offer support, rebuild lives, and guide you through various life stages, ensuring you have the tools and understanding needed to move forward with confidence.


Coaching and Mentoring are suitable for those needing help and seeking to get an expert to advise and leverage the experience of others to achieve goals faster.

Prophetic Consulting and Counseling

Our Specialized Prophetic Counseling is a specialized journey of seeking to apply sound counsel from the Lord for forecasting, roadmap planning, and product development, including professional, career, business, and work advancement. Our Prophetic Consulting sessions are not platforms to expect to receive prophetic words, but solution-focused personalized sessions designed to establish the right frameworks and receive actionable wisdom with guidance and sound counsel. Included in prophetic counseling may be Prophetic Insights, Prophetic Knowledge, Prophetic Wisdom, Frameworks, and Planning. 

If you are primarily seeking a prophecy for spiritual enrichment rather than practical application, we recommend connecting with a ministry that specializes in prophetic services. At uCare, our methodology in prophetic consulting and counseling deeply values the spiritual talents entrusted to our skilled professionals. We acknowledge and honor the spiritual and prophetic gifts present within our team, and understand that the provision of prophetic insights would naturally emerge as a benefit within the context of spiritual counseling and consulting. Our focus remains on ensuring that every individual receives the spiritual care and support they need to navigate life's challenges and opportunities, grounded in a foundation of the Biblical Christian faith, spiritual gifts, counseling, and professional expertise of our providers.

Inner Healing and Guided Deliverance

uCare Guided-Deliverance is a spiritual journey that involves you personally in your spiritual deliverance from curses, evil ties, or others, so you can experience God’s freedom and live under the care of a certified Deliverance Spiritual Care provider.

Specialized Prophetic Consulting: Our specialized prophetic consulting takes a unique approach by integrating deep prophetic insights from the Lord with practical, action-oriented planning for forecasting, roadmap creation, and product development across various domains including professional life, career, business, and work. This service goes beyond mere prophetic words to offer a solution-focused, personalized framework aimed at facilitating tangible outcomes through prophetic wisdom, insights, knowledge, and strategic planning. 

uCare Guided-Deliverance Therapy: Our guided deliverance therapy sessions, actively involve you in your process of spiritual liberation from curses, negative ties, and other spiritual burdens. Under the care of certified Deliverance Spiritual Care providers, using advanced biblical principles and methodologies, you will be guided through pathways of deliverance, God's freedom, and blessings. 

At uCare Wellness, we're committed to providing a suite of services that support and guide you through every step of your spiritual and personal development journey, ensuring that you have the guidance, resources, and care needed to thrive by God’s grand design for your life.

Understanding uCare Services and Guided Journeys

uCare sessions are solution-focused, which engages you in every step, requiring your participation and action along the way. If relevant to your healing journey, your provider may provide you with worksheets to complete, exercises, and assignments, or require you to complete resources to complete before your next session. This will be communicated in your notes, during your sessions. 

Our Providers

We refer to our team as having different experiences, licensure, and anointing “Spiritual Care Providers”. No Spiritual Care Providers, regardless of licensure, offer medical diagnosis. If you require a counseling degree, or a licensed therapist for medical counseling/therapy, you need to seek a medical counseling facility.

Notes and Session Recording Policy

To protect the integrity of our sessions and the proprietary resources utilized by our providers, clients are not permitted to record any part of their session. Our providers, however, will record sessions as part of our commitment to ensuring accountability and maintaining the highest standards of care. These recordings allow your provider to compile detailed notes that are crucial for crafting a personalized care plan and actionable steps tailored specifically to your needs and progress.

Spiritual Care Providers and Session Dynamics

During Spiritual Care sessions, it's customary for our in-house uCare Providers to conduct the session with the possible presence of another counselor. This additional counselor, who adheres to the same stringent confidentiality protocols, may participate to offer prayer support and observe the session, enhancing the depth and breadth of the care provided. This practice is designed to ensure that you receive comprehensive spiritual guidance and support.

Furthermore, based on the specific requirements of your case, your primary provider might determine the need for a second counselor's presence, especially if your situation spans multiple areas of specialty.

Termination of Services Policy

Our range of services, including Counseling, Inner Healing Spiritual Care, and Mentorship sessions, are designed to be flexible—ranging from one-off appointments to a series of sessions, depending on your needs. These sessions are primarily goal-oriented and solution-focused to ensure maximum efficacy and relevance to your personal and spiritual growth objectives.

Circumstances Leading to Termination of service includes:

Achievement of Goals

Sessions may be concluded once the initially set goals have been successfully met, indicating a successful end to the counseling, therapeutic, or mentorship journey.

Lack of Fit

 In instances where it becomes apparent that our services may not be the best fit for your needs, we may recommend discontinuation in favor of a more suitable alternative.

Consistent Unavailability

Should there be repeated difficulties in connecting with you, or three no-shows for scheduled video sessions, we will consider discontinuing future sessions to reassess the feasibility of continued support

Your Right to Discontinue Services:

You retain the full right to opt-out or discontinue the use of our services at any time based on your discretion. In such cases, your information will remain securely stored on file, adhering strictly to our information storage practices that prioritize data safety and security.

As you proceed to engage with our services, this informed consent serves as a guide to ensure a clear understanding and agreement between you and uCare. We are here to support you in achieving your goals and to provide a safe, respectful, and empowering environment for your spiritual and emotional growth.