What is uCare?

uCare is the #1 Christian Spiritual Care platform and it's 100% online. You can find Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Care - Individual, Family, and couple therapy, and your teen can find help too. uCare's approach to wellness is unique. Ucare is a non-medical online counseling and therapy focused on spiritual, mental, and emotional care to align you with God's divine plan.   uCare services are available for Individuals, Couples, and Teens.

uCare Services Types

uCare offers spiritual care and counseling services to all people groups

Individual Inner Healing Therapy

Couple Inner Healing Therapy

- Pre-marital Counseling

-Marital Counseling

Groups Inner Healing Therapy

Youth and Teens Inner Healing Therapy

uCare Categories 

We offer specialized emotional, mental, and spiritual care using process-based inner healing and counseling in the following areas. uCare serves clients in the following ways. 

Individual and Family Support:

Inner Healing from incest and abortion

Addressing ancestry and generational issues

Guidance through pregnancy

Pre-marital inner healing 

Marital healing

Overcoming sexual addiction

Substance abuse recovery and inner healing

Resolving paternity and maternal issues inner healing

Specialized support for women and men

Relationship Guidance:

Pre-marital counseling for singles

Marriage counseling to strengthen bonds

Guidance through pre-divorce and post-divorce transitions

Healing and moving forward after adultery

Resolving communal and church-related hurts

Support for victims of spiritual abuse

Personal Development and Mind Care:

Uncovering identity and resolving


Career realignment for professional satisfaction

Teen and Youth Counseling:

Addressing youth identity issues and alcoholism

Support for school dropouts re-entering education

Guidance for teen pregnancy

Combatting bullying and peer pressure

Solutions for academic challenges

Enhancing parent-teen communication and bonding

Spiritual Care

General christian counseling    

Inner Healing and Guided Deliverance

Specialized Prophetic Counseling: 

Get personalized expert advice through prophetic consulting.   

Get Spiritual consulting for personal development, professional development, product development, and spiritual growth.  

Life coaching and mentorship for personal growth

Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support, addressing a wide range of personal, familial, and spiritual challenges.

Who are uCare Spiritual Care Providers?

Our Spiritual Care Providers at uCare are deeply rooted in the biblical Christian faith, comprising seasoned professionals and spiritual leaders from diverse backgrounds. These experts bring a wealth of experience in spiritual, cultural, and professional insights into their approach to spiritual care.

uCare empowers clients to select their preferred area of Spiritual Care, therapy, and counseling, ensuring a personalized and effective experience tailored to individual needs.

Individuals in need of process-based deliverance therapy will find faith-based spiritual solutions with our team, aimed at addressing deeper spiritual conflicts and bringing about lasting change.

If you're seeking prophetic counsel on life, work, or business matters, our prophetic counselors are equipped to provide insights and guidance based on your prophetic inquiries.

Our licensed counselors offer credentialed support for clients seeking professional counseling services that adhere to high standards of practice and ethics.

Entrepreneurs and professionals can benefit from the mentorship of Christian professionals and founders who guide them through every stage of career, business, or personal development.

For those who prefer counseling from a spiritual authority, we offer sessions with ordained, experienced ministers who provide counseling grounded in years of ministerial experience and spiritual wisdom.

Is uCare a good fit for me?

 uCare is a great fit if you are looking for a unique, personalized, or spiritual-focused from a Christian perspective to tackling life's difficulties, especially issues that go unresolved through social or psychological-based counseling. For example, if, we offer a process-based, Scriptural-backed approach to spiritual care, emotional care, and mind care, helping clients get through different phases of life.

uCare is not a good fit for you If ...

You are in an emergency or urgent need of life-threatening help

You are looking to receive a medical diagnosis

You are looking for a prescription 

if you are looking for face-to-face traditional therapy.

How Much Does it Cost?

uCare costs are based on services received. You will only be charged for time. No subscription to receive care, no membership, no contracts. No hidden fees. Service fees are charged by each provider, ranging from $50 based on service type. Does uCare Accept Insurance? We do not accept insurance. Because uCare offerings extend beyond traditional counseling and therapy. We work with clients in several areas traditional counseling would not cover.

In Case of a Medical Emergency

If you are in a medical emergency, Call 911. If you or someone you love or someone close to you is in a suicidal crisis, call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Billing and Payments

uCare services are pre-paid, with no monthly fees. You pay before receiving a service. uCare costs are based on counseling/therapy service received per time. You will only be charged for time. No subscription to receive care, no membership, no contracts. No hidden fees. 

How much does an appointment cost?

Rates are set by individual Providers. At the time of booking, each provider lists an appointment by the time. Service fees are charged by each provider, ranging 
from $50 based on service type. 

Does uCare Accept Insurance? 

We do NOT accept insurance. 

Is there free counseling on uCare?

No. uCare is focused on structured and high-quality service and does not offer free counseling, coaching, consulting, or therapy sessions.  Our providers are industry professionals and experienced spiritual leaders and have subsidized their service rates on uCare to ensure our clients have access to top-notch services. Their time and expertise provided to clients via the uCare platform is honored.

Do you issue refunds?

We do not offer cash refunds, however, we do offer a credit to your uCare account for canceled appointments, canceled 48 hours before your appointment via email. You can apply the credits to future appointment bookings. A no-show appointment will not be refunded, you will be the charged the full cost of the booking.


How Do I Receive Appointment Confirmation 

Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email from a uCare team member.  

What About Video Session Links?

You will receive a video link of your upcoming appointment and you will also get an appointment reminder. Be sure to check for communications from uCare in your email inbox and SPAM folder. 

Can  I Select a Preferred Spiritual Care Provider?

You may select your preferred provider at the time of booking. However, if your provided provider is unavailable, or is not a good fit, we will communicate and let you know, and work with you to ensure we find the best provider for you.

How do I Prepare for your Appointment?

To ensure you have a productive and smooth experience with your upcoming appointment.

Have a secure safe and quiet environment ready. Choose a private and comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted. This will help create a conducive atmosphere for open and honest communication during your session. Your Spiritual Provider will ensure you have a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Ensure a reliable internet connection. A stable internet connection is crucial for video sessions to avoid any disruptions. Test your connection ahead of your appointment to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Prepare your questions and concerns. Reflect on the specific issues or questions you wish to discuss. Having these prepared beforehand can help guide the session and ensure that your most pressing concerns are addressed.

Set up video and audio. Your Spiritual Care Provider will have their video enabled to maintain transparency and adhere to uCare’s ethical standards and Biblical standards. You will be able to visit your client portal to access provider notes and plans, and you will be provided with a link to your client's portal to watch your video session.

Set up video and audio. Please ensure your device’s camera and microphone are working properly so you can participate fully in the session.

Dress Appropriately.  Since all sessions are recorded for documentation and quality assurance purposes, we ask that you dress decently for the video call.

Information Protection, Rights to Refuse

We will never share your information with anyone you do not consent to. All uCare Providers are under confidentiality oath and are trained to adhere to our confidentiality standards. In addition, uCare adheres to the SPIEX (Spiritual Information Exchange Protocols) guidelines, guaranteeing top-tier data security, responsibility, and ethical dissemination of spiritual information. This is ensured through a signed information release form as directed by the client, contingent upon the proper consent, thus maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of spiritual exchanges.

Right to Refuse Service Policy

At uCare, our mission is to foster a serene and supportive environment that not only benefits our clients but also provides a secure and positive setting for our team members to excel in their roles. Our team approaches each session with enthusiasm and a commitment to assist you in your journey; however, we maintain the right to refuse service under certain conditions. This policy applies to situations where an individual may pose a threat to our team's safety or fail to comply with our operational guidelines, as well as instances where we determine that our services may not be the optimal fit for the client's needs.

If a match between a client and a team member is not ideal, we are prepared to facilitate a transition to an alternative provider within our network, ensuring that the client's care and progress remain uninterrupted. In rare cases where an appropriate solution cannot be found within our services, we are open to offering a refund as a last resort.

This policy is in place to safeguard the well-being of both our clients and our team, ensuring that uCare remains a harmonious and effective space for spiritual and personal growth.