uCare Providers: About uCare Spiritual Care Providers 

Our Spiritual Care Providers at uCare are deeply rooted in the biblical Christian faith, comprising seasoned professionals and spiritual leaders from diverse backgrounds. uCare works with a combination of licensed ministers, licensed professional therapists, spiritual leaders, professionals, and experts who hold practical experience, training, and education. 

These experts bring a wealth of experience in spiritual, cultural, and professional insights into their approach to spiritual care.

uCare works with Professionals, Licensed Therapists, Licensed and Certified Midwives Pastoral Counselors, Spiritual Consultants, and professional artisans to provide holistic care. Licensed Midwives are independent practitioners and contractors, each licensed in their state and screened by the uCare administrative and compliance teams.

How Licensed Therapists Operate on uCare

All our licensed therapists, even when duly licensed in any US state, operate on uCare platform either as Coaches, Pastoral counselors, Chaplain, Experts, Counselors or Spiritual Care Providers for clients regardless of location.

uCare empowers clients to select their preferred area of Spiritual Care, therapy, and counseling, ensuring a personalized and effective experience tailored to individual needs. Individuals in need of process-based deliverance therapy will find faith-based spiritual solutions with our team, aimed at addressing deeper spiritual conflicts and bringing about lasting change.

If you're seeking prophetic counsel on life, work, or business matters, our prophetic counselors are equipped to provide insights and guidance based on your prophetic inquiries. Our licensed counselors, ministers, and therapists offer credentialed support for clients seeking professional counseling services that adhere to high standards of practice and ethics.

Entrepreneurs and professionals can benefit from the mentorship of Christian professionals and founders who guide them through every stage of career, business, or personal development. For those who prefer counseling from a spiritual authority, we offer sessions with ordained, experienced ministers who provide counseling grounded in years of ministerial experience and spiritual wisdom.

Is uCare a good fit for me?
 uCare is a great fit if you are looking for a unique, personalized, or spiritual-focused from a Christian perspective to tackling life's difficulties, especially issues that go unresolved through social or psychological-based counseling. For example, if, we offer a process-based, Scriptural-backed approach to spiritual care, emotional care, and mind care, helping clients get through different phases of life.

uCare is not a good fit for you If ...
You are in an emergency or urgent need of life-threatening help
You are looking to receive a medical diagnosis
You are looking for a prescription 
if you are looking for face-to-face traditional therapy.