Payments on the birth of a child in 2014 in Belarus

Payments on the birth of a child in 2014 in Belarus

In Belarus, as in other countries, the size of payments for children & bdquo; tied & rdquo; to the subsistence level budget (BAP). Since February 1, 2014, it has increased by 7, 7% and, accordingly, the amount of payments to families with children has increased.

Thus, the size of a one-time (one-time) benefit at birth in the family of the first child, and this is the ten subsistence minimum budgets, is 11 million 280 thousand 700 Belarusian rubles from February 1. When a second child and subsequent children are born, the amount of a one-time benefit is 14 living wage budgets, that is, 15 million 793 thousand rubles.

If the future mother is registered with a health care institution before the 12th week of pregnancy, she will receive a one-time benefit of 100% of BPM, that is, 1 million 128 thousand 100 rubles.

In addition, the family in which the child was born has the right to a monthly state allowance for caring for him up to the age of three. Its value depends on the number of children in the family and the size of the average monthly salary (NW). So, the size of the monthly allowance for the first child is 35% of the NW. On the second and other kids, it is 40% of the NW. Monthly state assistance for a disabled child up to 3 years of age is 45% of the NW, regardless of the order of his birth in the family.

In order to calculate the amount of this benefit from February 1, 2014, the average monthly wage for the 4th quarter of 2013 is taken as a basis. This is 5 million 560 thousand 846 rubles. That is, starting from February 1, parents receive 1 million 946 thousand 300 rubles a month for the first child before the performance of 3 years, and the second, third and subsequent children receive 2 million 224 thousand 300 rubles. The monthly amount of the state allowance for a disabled child is 2 million 502 thousand 400 rubles.

In addition, the state provides for additional payments to the population that lives in the zone of radioactive contamination. There parents receive allowances and payments at a rate of 150% to the generally accepted sums.

By the way, in 2013 the average monthly payment for caring for a baby under 3 years compared to 2012 increased by 2, 3 times.

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