A tooth of wisdom during pregnancy

A tooth of wisdom during pregnancy

The period of gestation is a weighty change in the organism in the hormonal plane. At this time, not only the increased hair growth, but also the eruption of the last elements of the dentition - eights, can be observed. Very often these teeth can erupt for several years. For this reason it is important during pregnancy to prevent inflammation of the gums, because they are injured by such eruption. And the situation is aggravated, that in the oral cavity of the future mother, the number of different pathogenic microbes increases due to a decrease in immunity.

The actions of women in connection with the growth of & bdquo; Eight & rdquo; should be concentrated on reducing the risk of suppuration of the gum and its inflammation. After a meal, you should rinse your mouth with antiseptic. You can make a solution of furacil at home. It is necessary to grind three tablets to the prophylactic state and stir in a glass of warm boiled water. Such a liquid will be active only for the first two hours, so you should not prepare the solution for future use.

Dentists do not recommend the use of strong antibiotics when teething wisdom is being given to pregnant women. To their category belongs Dioxydin. This drug and its like easily penetrate the woman's blood through the walls of the vessels of the oral cavity, and through the placenta adversely affect the fetus.

Good helpers for expectant mothers with eruption & bdquo; Eights & rdquo; will be broths of herbs. They are safe and suitable for use at any time of pregnancy. The best of them are calendula, chamomile, sage.

Usually the inflammatory process is accompanied by pain. When the wisdom tooth is erupted, it is aching. Since the use of traditional analgesics as Ketanova, Analgin, spazmalgona expectant mothers is strictly prohibited, it is possible to use alternative methods of pain relief. So, for example, local applications with anesthetic drugs in the form of lidocaine or Ultrakain well relieve pain syndrome. But it should be taken into account, that a tampon with such a drug enhances the secretion of saliva, which can not be ingested. It should be spit out. Keep the applique on the tooth for more than 10 minutes pregnant is not recommended.

Independent assistance in erupting wisdom tooth consists in pressing on the gum, if it is not inflamed. Such manipulation is used in the case when it is necessary to accelerate the process of tooth growth, because it is too stretched in time: it is cyclically activated by the action of hormones and stops. To accelerate the eruption of eights, you can bite hard food, for example, a piece of meat. But solid vegetables for this do not fit. Their coarse fibers injure the swollen gum.

If the future mum's wisdom tooth erupted only partially, the gingiva formed & bdquo; pocket & rdquo; , then you should seek help from a dentist. Sometimes it is more expedient to overcome fear and to make excision of a part of the gum, rather than to allow its suppuration. By the way, such manipulations are performed under safe anesthesia.

As for the removal of wisdom teeth in pregnant women, such procedures are not implemented. After all, such surgical treatment is fraught with complications. It can be a fever in a pregnant woman, a headache, a deterioration in overall well-being. Removing & bdquo; Eight & rdquo; even a healthy person sometimes presents a danger in terms of complications.

Therefore, a similar procedure during pregnancy should be postponed until the birth of a child.

All future mothers should take care of the health of their teeth before pregnancy. If caries has arisen in its course, then the most optimal time for treatment is 13-32 weeks, including for & bdquo; Eights & rdquo; .

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