Absence of toxicosis during pregnancy

Absence of toxicosis in pregnancy - good or bad?

In today's article, we decided to deal with this phenomenon in detail, therefore, guided by the opinion of obstetrician-gynecologists, we share our knowledge with you.

To fully understand this issue, let's start with the fact that we consider the main causes of toxicosis.

The most common cause of toxicosis during pregnancy is the adaptation of the body to a new woman's condition. Inside the female body, during pregnancy, colossal hormonal changes occur that affect the functioning of all the internal organs of the female body. Therefore, as long as the body is reconstructed into a new "mode of operation", surprises such as toxicosis, dizziness and other disorders are possible.

The next cause of toxicosis is the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the female body. Therefore, often in the first trimester of pregnancy, the attending physician prescribes a complex of vitamins and microelements for the future mother, after taking some toxicosis it recedes.

Another reason why toxicosis is a constant companion of pregnancy is a purely psychological attitude of a pregnant woman. A future mother, initially adjusts herself to the fact that the course of pregnancy without toxicosis is abnormal and "program" in her mind morning toxemia. This problem is solved with a specialist psychologist and disappears forever with proper psychotherapy.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that a pregnancy without toxicosis is more of an excuse for joy than worry. After all, in the absence of toxicosis, you do not have to worry about that, that the body of a pregnant woman does not have enough vitamins or microelements for the development of the fetus and the well-being of the future mother. In addition, in the absence of toxicosis during pregnancy, you are not at risk of termination of pregnancy caused by toxicosis, which, unfortunately, sometimes happens. Well, the most pleasant factor in the absence of toxicosis is that the woman feels well and can fully enjoy the pregnancy.

Therefore, dear lucky women, who have pregnancy without toxicosis - do not worry and do not worry in vain. According to experts, due to the absence of toxicosis, the baby inside of you develops well and receives a sufficient supply of oxygen, vitamins and trace elements. In addition, the baby is happy and is looking forward to meeting you! Enjoy the waiting period, take care of yourself and be happy!

Happy pregnancy and light birth!

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