Actovegin when planning pregnancy

Actovegin when planning pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

Planning for pregnancy - this concept today, no one is surprised, because many couples "plan offspring" (in all senses of the word). One of the most important points in the planning of pregnancy is a visit to the doctor, and several if necessary (chronic or hereditary disease of future dad or mother, for example). From the doctor you are unlikely to leave without a list of appointments. At least some vitamin, but still the doctor will take it. Among the recommended drugs in the period of pregnancy planning is increasingly found Actovegin. What is this medicine and why did it give up at all? Let's understand.

So, Actovegin is a medicinal product that is obtained from the blood of calves. Apply it mainly for diseases of the cardiovascular system, but not only. In the instructions in the line "readings" you will read the following: wounds and inflammatory processes on the skin and mucous membranes, wet ulcers (including with varicose veins), burns (even thermal and solar), pressure sores (both for treatment and for prophylaxis ). All these conditions heals Actovegin in the form of an ointment or gel. However, the drug is released both as a solution for injections, and in the form of tablets, which are prescribed for various brain disorders (ischemic stroke, craniocerebral trauma and other vascular and metabolic disorders), with arterial and venous vascular disorders, both in the composition of complex therapy, and for the prevention of these conditions.

The whole value of Actovegin is that it acts on the intracellular level. Its active ingredient is able to increase the transport and accumulation of oxygen and glucose in the blood, which in turn helps to improve the cellular metabolism. Thus, taking Actovegin, you will enhance the process of metabolism, as well as improve the process of assimilation of nutrients by the body. Many people need this treatment today. During pregnancy, the need for such a drug increases, because now the body needs to work "for two" and the circulatory system should, like a clock, supply the emerging fetus.

Consider this issue a little more. Everything is quite simple, if you remember how life originates in the womb (and how this life develops). All this happens primarily due to the placenta. It is all permeated with blood vessels, through which the fetus enters everything necessary for the birth and normal development. If the blood circulation of the future mother is "spoiled," then pregnancy can not proceed in the right way. From this and all complications, and pathologies, the flesh to the habitual miscarriages (when pregnancy one after another is interrupted at different times).

Doctors and gynecologists have not yet invented their own drug to improve the blood supply of the fetus, however, Actovegin has been very successfully "borrowed", which helps to cope with many problems during pregnancy. First of all, it is prescribed for placental insufficiency. Actovegin very well "works" at the level of "mother-placenta-fetus", which makes it so popular and popular. And although the instructions say that during pregnancy with the use of Actovegin need to be cautious, many doctors argue that the drug is absolutely harmless and can be safely taken at any time of pregnancy (but only after consulting a doctor!).

But back to the topic of our article. Is Actovegin needed during pregnancy planning? Proceeding from the above, the conclusion is the following: taking Actovegin at the stage of pregnancy planning it is quite possible to avoid problems in the future (that is, during pregnancy). Everything is natural and very simple: Actovegin will improve the cellular metabolism and circulation, and the body will be ready for a "good bookmark" as never before. The placenta will form without flaws, and hence in the future there will be no problems with it.

However, this does not mean that every woman who is preparing to become a mother must "stuff" herself with Actovegin. The medicine should be taken only if necessary, if you have a broken blood supply, for example. Since Actovegin is very well tolerated, it almost does not cause side effects and has no contraindications (except that individual intolerance of its components), and women with perfect health (at the cellular level) "in the daytime you can not find fire", then why not "nourish" your body, so that it is easier to "accept" the future fruit and did everything necessary for its proper development. Assign Actovegin when planning pregnancy in the form of tablets. Take the medicine course: 1-2 tablets a day for a month, then you can take a break (also a month) and start again taking the drug.

If you have serious enough problems with the cardiovascular system, the doctor can prescribe Actovegin for intravenous injections. In this case, the treatment is carried out under the strict supervision of specialists, and the pregnancy itself will have to be planned even more "carefully" and for a long time.

Good luck to you!

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