After delivery, knees ache

After childbirth knee aches - at bending and squatting

About the causes of pain

It should be noted that the legs can hurt before and after delivery. In the last weeks of pregnancy, the knees bother women because the body weight increases. The load makes you aware of yourself with a pain syndrome in the knees, ankles. Therefore, it is difficult to walk a woman.

After the appearance of crumbs, the following causes may be the cause of severe discomfort:

  1. Tense muscles work in childbirth. They are very stretched, so in the first days after delivery there is soreness.
  2. Sharp movements in the process of delivery. Such actions sometimes cause involuntary dislocation of the joint.
  3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which Mom suffered before birth. Anesthesia can aggravate them, so a woman will feel severe pain in the knee joints when flexing.
  4. Accumulation of liquid. Childbirth can provoke congestion in joint bags. That is, the synovial fluid can accumulate in the joints, which the woman feels with a pain syndrome, especially when squatting, bending the lower limbs.

A young mother should know: if joint pains appear during the gestation of a baby and do not disappear for a long time after it is born, arthritic ailments are most likely to progress. They may not be related to pregnancy. Sometimes a woman can have a strong neck after birth, a lower back, a wrist. If within a month such discomfort does not pass, means, it is necessary to pass a survey and find out the cause of the problem.

How to relieve pain in the knees

So, what should I do to relieve the condition? Experts advise to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Watch your posture. The back should be kept straight, the shoulders should be pulled back, the abdomen and buttocks should be strained.
  2. Do not make sudden movements, especially when lifting heavy objects. Lowering the baby on the bed, laying in a stroller, bend your knees. Do not do this on straight legs. Just raise the child.
  3. Find time to lie on your back 1-2 times a day with your limbs lifted up. Literally 7-10 minutes in this position will ease the condition of the back, knees and relieve muscle tension.
  4. Avoid traumatic situations. You can get a knee injury when you turn the stroller, when the body turns, when the feet remain in place. Then a strong load falls on the knee joints.
  5. Perform a foot massage. You can do this yourself, using foot creams, or entrust the procedure to a massage therapist.
  6. Do morning exercise and stretching exercises as early as 8-10 days after giving birth. They eliminate spasms, extend the muscles, ease the load on them.
  7. Delegate household matters to relatives, to your husband. More rest, if pain in the knees appear in the evening. This is a sure sign of fatigue and overwork.
  8. Make warm foot baths. You can use lavender, chamomile, lemon balm for this. Such procedures will remove the stress from the feet, relax the eggs.
  9. Try using alcohol compresses. Such manipulations can be carried out at any time convenient for a woman. Gauze is soaked in alcohol or tincture of propolis, the root of the comfrey, horseradish, put to the joints. Further knees are wrapped in cellophane, insulated. The minimum duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. Listen to your health after compresses.
  10. Take the calcium supplement. They will not prevent after birth any women, because a child in the process of intrauterine development, this mineral from my mother just took away. Almost all women after childbirth experience its deficiency, which can manifest itself with pains in the knee joints.

If these measures do not help a woman, the problem does not disappear - do not delay the diagnostic procedures. Address to the expert. Maybe, a serious outpatient course of treatment will be required.

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