Anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy

How will anti-cellulite massage help during pregnancy?

Where and why?

In medicine, cellulite is commonly called changes in the structure of subcutaneous fat. They arise in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs. The initial stage of cellulite is a fluid retention in the problem areas of the body, then a decrease in the turgor (elasticity) of skin tissues, the appearance of an "orange crust" and the formation of fibrous nodules, tubercles.

Cellulite in pregnant women is a consequence of hormonal changes, high-calorie nutrition, as well as reduced physical activity. In the body of a woman, the pregnancy hormone progesterone is produced in excess. It also causes fluid retention in the body, affects the increase in the formation of fat cells under the skin. At the same time, the level of the female sex hormone estrogen decreases, and this makes the woman's skin less protected and vulnerable to cellulite.

Action and types of massage

One of the methods to combat the problem of cellulite is anti-cellulite massage. It improves the condition of blood vessels, contributes to the inflow and outflow of blood lymph in the problem areas of the body. Special techniques of this massage lead to the elimination of cellulite and excess deposits of fat under the skin.

It is worth noting that the procedure of anti-cellulite massage is quite "aggressive", long and accompanied by painful sensations. Sometimes such massage even raises blood pressure. That is why certain types of anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy are contraindicated. Some experts believe that to fight cellulite pregnant woman is not at all, that at this time, any anti-cellulite procedures will be ineffective. Another view is that such measures can be used to prevent the appearance of cellulite.

You should know which types of anti-cellulite massage are contraindicated for pregnant women. This manual massage, stone therapy, myostimulation, thalassotherapy; Mesotherapy, compression pressotherapy and ultrasound therapy.

And now we will consider those types of massage, which are permissible for pregnant women

Vacuum massage. It is made using special cans. With their help, massage the areas of the hips and buttocks. At the same time, the cans "stick" to the cellulite-affected areas in such a way that the skin is tightened. Then the can is moved by circular and direct movements along the body section with the repetition of each movement 5-6 times. The result of this procedure is the smoothing of the "orange" crust by mechanical rupture of fat cells. It should be taken into account that the procedure is fraught with the formation of bruises, painful sensations during and after the massage. You need to do this procedure for effectiveness every day or every other day.

Manual anti-cellulite massage. It should be carried out with hands, special brushes, rollers or a massage glove. The massaging session begins with the lower leg moving up from the lower leg. During this massage, you should avoid those areas of the body where there are varicose veins. A manual massage can be done in the morning and evening.

Spoon massage. For this type of massage, spoons made of silver or cupronickel are better. They should be chilled or warm. Massage movements are performed clockwise by small forces. Patting with spoons should be done counter-clockwise. To massage the thighs and buttocks, you can take large spoons. On this zone, massaging is carried out by movements from the center to the sides and from the bottom up. The external surface of the thigh is massaged from the top to the bottom, the inner surface from the bottom up. A spoon massage should be done every morning.

Massage with LPG. This method consists in the use of mechanized massage rollers and directly vacuum massage. Hardware massage stimulates tissues, improves the condition of the subcutaneous fat layer, increases the elasticity of the skin. It is done on all problem areas except for the abdominal region.

Let Cellulite Wait

Doctors and psychologists believe that pregnant women with the appearance of signs of cellulite do not need to direct too much effort to fight it. Do not worry about the appearance of the body, it is better to concentrate on the health of the baby's future, and postpone the complex of anti-cellulite activities. Then their effectiveness will be much higher. And you do not need to think that you can get rid of the "orange peel" by massage alone. Such a struggle implies an integrated approach to procedures.

Take care and appreciate the health of your child, your health - and then, after giving birth, you will definitely regain the former physical form, beauty of the body, good mood. You just need to want and everything will turn out!

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