Aquamaris during pregnancy

Aquamaris during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Runny nose and stuffiness of the nose, which a woman in a normal condition can only deliver tangible discomfort, during pregnancy, they carry with them a certain danger. For example, they can provoke oxygen starvation of the fetus: firstly, due to the prolonged inability to breathe properly with the nose, and secondly, when using vasoconstrictive drugs that are forbidden in pregnancy. So, many "traditional" drugs, together with narrowing of the vessels in the nasal cavity, also provoke constriction of the placental vessels, which in turn affects the blood supply of the fetus, and, accordingly, the supply of oxygen. This is why Aquamaris is considered a safe alternative for treatment, as well as prevention of a common cold for pregnant women.

Aquamaris in pregnancy - general information

The manufacturer promises: Aquamaris is a completely and completely safe drug for women in the position and is allowed to use at any time. And all because the main and main component of the remedy is the specially prepared purified water of the Adriatic Sea. Moreover, water for the preparation of the drug is selected exclusively at a depth of 5 meters: according to scientists, it is at such levels that the smallest amount of mud and microscopic marine life is observed, but the highest concentration of mineral salts is collected. Probably, in part, this fact is also connected with the fact that in the composition of Aquamaris you can find about 80 names of mineral salts that have a beneficial effect on the nasal mucosa and contribute to a speedy recovery and effective prevention.

On sale Aquamaris can be found in two forms - as a nasal spray and drops for the nose. The drug, according to the manufacturer, does not contain any chemical components, no preservatives, no synthetic additives.

Aquamaris in pregnancy: indications for use

Any of the two forms can be used freely during pregnancy as a cure for the common cold and for the rumof the nose. The use of the drug can eliminate nasal congestion, clearing its cavity of viruses and microorganisms, and Aquamaris promotes the recovery of the mucosa.

To remove the swelling of the mucous membrane and the desired relief of nasal breathing, you can use Aquamaris Strong - this form of the drug has a high salt content, the effect of it is similar to the effect of vasoconstrictors.

Aquamaris is used in pregnancy and for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. So, when used, the drug cleans the nasal cavity from allergens and eliminates the inflammatory process, which means that it gives the pregnant one a long-awaited relief.

As any disease is known to be better prevented than then to seek funds for its treatment, Use Aquamaris during pregnancy and for preventive purposes. In this case, the preparation is indicated for washing the nose - regular washing helps to liquefy the mucus and normalize its production. And also - protect against the penetration of bacteria and viruses, activating the production of bioactive substances that increase local immunity.

Aquamaris in pregnancy: instructions for use

Although Aquamaris is considered completely safe for use during pregnancy, it is better to consult a doctor before using the drug. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the type of disease, 2-3 drops are prescribed for each nostril (drops) or 3-4 injections (spray) three times a day for treatment. Similarly, the drug is used for prevention.

Duration of treatment is strictly individual, usually it takes 1-3 weeks to cope with the disease. Side effects due to the use of Aquamaris are extremely rare, but possible - in the form of allergic reactions. If they occur, immediately consult a doctor.

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