Bending of the uterus after delivery

Bending of the uterus after childbirth - causes and treatment

Causes of postpartum bending of the uterus

Bending of the uterus is not considered a disease. By this diagnosis is meant a certain condition, in which the body occupies a place not intended for it. Pathology after childbirth occurs for only two reasons:

  • as a result of weakening of muscles and ligaments;
  • after inflammatory and infectious diseases.

During the entire period of pregnancy the uterus undergoes multiple changes, it increases in size and significantly stretches. To return it to the physiological position after birth, muscles and ligaments of the small pelvis help. But with their weakness or loss of elasticity, the organ practically does not become in its place. The various inflammatory processes that occur more often after caesarean section also contribute to improper placement of the uterus.

A woman learns about the bending in the postpartum period after visiting a gynecologist, to whom she treats the following complaints:

  • menstrual pain;
  • pain during intercourse;
  • change in the volume of menstruation, as well as their odor and color;
  • the appearance of different selections between the cycles, right up to the bloody ones.

Also, depending on the position of the bent uterus and its placement in the abdominal cavity, can be observed states that are inherent in various types of this violation. They are as follows:

  • anteflexia - the uterus deviates to the bladder, the symptomatology is inherent in cyst;
  • lateroflexia - the body of the uterus is tilted to the side, left or right, closer to the ovary;
  • antevergia - forward not only the uterus but also the cervix deviates, with a strong inflection they speak of hyperantaverism;
  • retroflection - the deviation of the organ back to the rectum, is accompanied by constipation.

In some rare cases, there is a twisting of the body of the uterus around its axis.

Although the bending of the uterus is not considered a disease, it is still not worthwhile to ignore it. Immediately after the decision of the diagnosis, it is necessary to start treatment, since it can aggravate existing diseases or contribute to the emergence of new ones.

Bending of the uterus can interfere with the following pregnancies, as it complicates the onset of conception.

Treatment of pathology

A qualified specialist will help correct the condition. After the diagnosis is made, a special examination is conducted, the result of which will show: congenital bend or acquired. If pathology accompanies a woman from birth, then, most likely, no measures need not be taken. If the uterus has taken the wrong position after delivery, the doctor will prescribe a treatment that will help put it in place.

  • balneotherapy procedures;
  • exercise therapy;
  • herbal medicine;
  • Vitamin therapy;
  • gynecological massage;
  • Kegel exercises.
  • In the presence of adhesions, a laparoscopic operation is appointed, with which you can fasten the uterus in a natural position. With complication of bending, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. For the duration of treatment, sexual intercourse is not prohibited, but it is better to use barrier contraception to prevent ectopic pregnancy.

    If there is a pathological placement of the uterus in the history, it is forbidden to exercise, heavy sports exercises with a sudden change in body position and with sharp movements are also highly undesirable.

    Bending exercises

    Gynecologists assign a series of exercises, also explain how to do Kegel gymnastics. Sitting on the floor, you need to stretch your legs and lightly dissolve them in different directions, then stretch out your hands and touch the toes of each leg alternately. It takes 7-10 repetitions in each direction.

  • Standing on all fours and breathing in sharply, it is necessary to arched his back up, and sharply exhaling, arched his back down. Multiplicity of exercises - 10 times.
  • Standing on all fours, you need to raise your left arm and left foot, trying to keep your balance, then your arm and leg are changed. Repeat this way 10 times.
  • For the next exercise, you need to bend your knees slightly and walk around the room for about a minute. After a short rest, it is recommended to repeat walking 5-8 times.
  • Methods of traditional medicine used in bending the uterus

    Folk recipes with the use of medicinal herbs will not relieve the bending of the uterus and put the reproductive organ in a natural position. But infusions and decoctions of them can be used to prevent and treat inflammatory processes that often accompany this pathology:

    • 1 tbsp. l. chamomile, 1 dess. l. leaves of mint and 1 tsp. Root the valerian and mix well. 1 tbsp. l. Collect a glass of boiling water, cover and insist for one hour. Then the solution is filtered and taken at 0, 5 glasses before meals 3-4 times a day.
    • 40 g St. John's wort pour 2 liters of water and boil on low heat for 20 minutes. Decoction to filter off after cooling and drinking instead of tea.
    • 2 tbsp. l. oak bark pour 1 liter of water and boil for 10-15 minutes. Decoction to filter and use for syringing the vagina. Procedures should be performed 1-2 times a day for two weeks.
    • 1 tbsp. l. root lapchatka pour a glass of warm water, bring to a boil and simmer on a small fire for 5 more minutes. After cooling and straining, the broth is ready for syringing.

    Complex treatment and strict observance of all recommendations will help quickly get rid of pathology and prevent the development of complications.

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