Benefits of pregnancy

The use of pregnancy for a woman's body
  1. The female body is intended for gestation and delivery, and the pregnancy that has taken place as much as possible affects physiology (despite the complications and problems that sometimes arise). It is an excellent prophylaxis of breast cancer and various gynecological diseases (for example, many after the birth itself undergoes erosion, the cyst or fibroids resolve).
  2. For many, the appearance changes for the better: the hair becomes thicker and healthier, the nails are firmer, the skin is cleaner. True, if to be completely honest, then for a certain category of women this is exactly the opposite. But here the reason should be sought not in an interesting situation, but in the problems of the body, which previously "peacefully" slept, and with the onset manifested themselves. By the way, it is proved, that on women of older age pregnancy influences rejuvenatingly.
  3. With the onset of pregnancy, a woman (at least, prudent) refuses from cigarettes and alcohol. Moreover, she tries to "put" on a healthy lifestyle of everyone who surrounds her at home and at work. The benefits, you must agree, are considerable.
  4. In addition, she tries to walk and move more. Attends courses for future parents, where he finds many new acquaintances who now live the same as she. Some acquaintances can grow into a strong friendship, and some - in a business relationship.
  5. Now the woman allows herself to sleep off and how to rest. Right now there is more time for yourself, and you can do what you had to dream about before. Moreover, no one will look askance if the room is not washed windows or the toilet is not cleaned, Now this is not the task of a pregnant woman (inhaling the vapors of chemical compounds is extremely dangerous for the health of both mother and baby).
  6. Contacts with relatives are being adjusted, especially with the husband. Relationships become warmer and more caring.
  7. Someone during orgasm or after childbirth has orgasm for the first time. Well, what is not good? Why this happens, it is necessary to find out from sexologists, but the fact remains. Moreover, it is proved.
  8. A pregnant woman gives way to public transport, skipped without a queue at the store. Agree, a trifle, but nice.
  9. The undoubted benefit is the rethinking of life values ??that occurs in a woman with the onset of pregnancy. She becomes more experienced, wiser.

Perhaps, you yourself managed to notice for yourself some benefit from your new position.

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