Breast collection 4 during pregnancy

Breast collection 4 during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

But different drugs differ in their action, depending on what the patient has cough and at what stage. Breast gathering is an expectorant herbal preparation. It has mucolytic, bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory effect. As a result of treatment, the sputum collection liquefies and loses out more easily. Simultaneously, an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membrane of the bronchial system. So, the Breastfeed is taken with a damp cough with viscous sputum - to stimulate the mucus to escape.

Therefore, you should not take a Breast Gathering together with preparations that suppress cough, as this can lead to undesirable consequences (congestion of mucus in the bronchi, bacterial growth, deterioration of the condition). An expectorant should be taken in the morning and in the afternoon, but not before going to bed, as it stimulates the cough. True, this scheme is also possible: in the morning - Breast collection, at night - antitussive. In this form, these funds can be combined.

Actually, there are four variants of the Breast Collection. Each of them differs from each other in its composition and, accordingly, in its action.

And on this you want to stop a little. Let's not forget that every single plant used in phytotherapy is a powerful medicine. It has its own contraindications, side effects and more often than others, can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, on packages with herbs you will always find a warning about individual sensitivity, as well as, possibly, a number of other contraindications. If the medicine consists not of one herb, but of several, then attention should be paid to each of the components. And this rule becomes even more obligatory during pregnancy and lactation.

It should be said, that there are no absolute contraindications to the use during the period of bearing a child in any of the four Breast Dues. Doctors ambiguously refer to the treatment with such drugs during pregnancy: some recommend that their wards with a cough exactly Thoracic collection, others in fright claim that prospective mothers such treatment is strictly prohibited! Undoubtedly, before you start anything to be treated in such a critical period, you still need to consult a normal specialist. However, keep your head on your shoulders, think, pay attention to the components and check each of them for acceptability during pregnancy. So, for example, the oregano, which is part of Breast Collection No. 1, stimulates uterine contractions and can cause uterine bleeding. Licorice can detain fluid in the body, that during pregnancy represents a certain danger, and in fact it is included in the composition of all other Nurses - Й2, Й3, Й4. The same can be said about peppermint: some recommend drinking peppermint tea with nerves, nausea, heartburn during the period of gestation, but among the contraindications to peppermint, you will also find pregnancy.

In general, consider that all herbs can be very allergens. And even if you previously reacted calmly to marshmallows, anise, licorice, sage and so on, then, as they prove themselves now, on a changed hormonal background, it is difficult to predict. Moreover, in the Breast Collection, several herbs act together, and not separately.

In favor of the Breastfeed, I want to say that there is certainly no chemistry, as in medicines. It is convenient that tea is packaged in sachets and you do not need to think, what spoon to take to measure the right amount correctly. Even if you buy a Breast Fill in bulk, the ratio of herbs in it has already been properly chosen, everything is weighed and taken into account. But how your pregnant organism will react to such a composition is another matter. Try very carefully and always after consulting a doctor. And even better - do not be ill if you can!

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