But-shpa before childbirth

But-shpa before childbirth - the reasons for the appointment, is it worth taking

However, in a few days (or even weeks) before the expected date of delivery, No-shpu can be appointed again, but for a different reason: if there is a risk of slow opening of the cervix.

Modern Russian gynecologists are almost completely prescribed No-shp to future women in labor, and this practice scares the latter a little. Do I need medicine on the eve of childbirth?

Why do they nominate No-shp before giving birth?

But-shpa before delivery is prescribed for the preparation of the birth canal, in particular the cervix, for the passage of the child. As a rule, it is prescribed in conjunction with other drugs, most often - suppositories. These can be candles with bellies, Buskopan, Papaverin and others. Before recommending his ward No-shpu, the gynecologist examines the woman: if it's time to give birth already came (or the expected date of birth is very near), and the cervix has not yet softened and is "not ready" as doctors say, it needs help. This is perfectly suitable No-shpa: it does not have a pathogenic effect on the development of the fetus and is harmless for the future mother, the doctors say. Moreover, No-shpa before childbirth can even be useful: it is able to work the heart of the fetus!

In addition, No-shpa before childbirth can help determine the authenticity of the bouts. If you are unsure whether they are the most or only training, then you can drink 2 tablets. No-shps: if the pain does not stop, but on the contrary - begin to intensify and increase, then you should go to the hospital. Personally for me it worked.

How does No-shpa work before giving birth?

But-spa is an antispasmodic anesthetic drug, available in the form of tablets and a solution for injections. It relaxes muscular musculature, allowing the cervix to open. Gynecologists assure that with the preliminary preparation "on No-shpe", the births are "ironed" without delaying the delivery period, which can be dangerous for the child. The woman experiences less painful contractions, the risk of ruptures is significantly reduced, and the baby becomes easier to move towards this world: the muscle tissues of the mother relax.

Should I take No-shp before giving birth?

Such help causes many doubts among many of the expectant mothers. They are sure: childbirth is a natural process that does not require any additional interventions if there is no strict need for this (some serious disorders and pathologies). Moreover, if such a need arises in the process of delivery, the woman will still be injected with No-shpu and other drugs. So once again not everyone agrees to take the medicine.

Some already held mummies say that they took No-shpa according to the medical prescriptions, but it did not appear to be beneficial in the generic process. Others believe that No-shpa helped them: the birth began on time and passed safely.

In this matter, each of us is our own mistress: no one can guarantee you that medications will help, but it can not be denied with certainty. It is not superfluous to know that theoretically No-shpa can cause premature birth, because it accelerates the opening of the cervix. This question is rather controversial & ambiguous & hellip; It is also interesting that in the States No-shpa is not implemented in pharmacies and is not used in medical practice, and in Germany and England it is forbidden to be prescribed to pregnant women throughout the term.

You should not take No-shp before giving birth at your own discretion without prescribing a doctor. Do not forget that with ischemic-cervical insufficiency, hepatic and renal insufficiency, No-shpa is contraindicated, and with reduced arterial pressure requires caution in use.

Easy for you to deliver!

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