Can I drink fish fat during pregnancy

Can I drink fish oil during pregnancy?

Briefly about the preparation

The remedy is an unappetizing smelling oily liquid. It is a cod liver extract. Obtain fat from the liver of large fish cod. The most important value of the product is the presence of vitamins E, A, D in the composition and Omega-3 fatty acids. There are in the fish oil calcium, iodine and iron. These substances are necessary for the growth of the child, the formation of his musculoskeletal system, hematopoiesis systems.

What is the use of fish oil for pregnant women?

For future mothers this tool is very useful. It increases immunity and works well on the appearance of nails, hair, removes cholesterol and prevents inflammatory processes. Omega-3 fatty acids in the product contribute to the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition to all this, in fish oil there is serotonin - a hormone of happiness. He acts on the future mother pacifyingly. Therefore, the product can be considered and reassuring. Fish oil also reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Positively affects the means for the fetal development of the unborn child. In particular, it improves blood flow in the placenta, which allows to ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. And this is very important in the third trimester of the term, so that the child will be born with good indicators of weight and height.

A great "plus" of using this product in the period of bearing the baby is minimizing the allergic reactions in the crumb after its birth. Retinol in the composition of fish oil contributes to the proper development of the eyesight in the child, positively affects the development of his brain. And the use of this product by a pregnant woman reduces the risk of genetic transmission to a crumb of diabetes.

Prevention of rickets is another property of the drug. For this function in its composition is responsible for vitamin D. It not only makes the bones strong, but also contributes to their proportionality.

Most often, doctors prescribe fish oil to future mothers who do not include seafood in their diet. It is recommended that you take the drug to pregnant women with suspected intrauterine growth retardation or having a history of miscarriages. Also, fish oil gynecologists are advised to take future mothers to prevent preterm labor and at a high risk of gestosis.

Gynecologists advise women to start using fish oil even at the stage of planning a future child. This will increase immunity and will contribute to the process of conception. Thanks to the useful product it will be possible to ensure the healthy development of the embryo from the first days.

You can also start taking this remedy in the second, third trimester.

It is best to buy the product in capsules. Then the future mother will not feel its smell - the biggest disadvantage of fish oil. Many pregnant women simply can not stand it for this reason.

However, a future mother should take a useful drug only when it has no contraindications to its use. These restrictions include the active form of tuberculosis, thyroid disease, urolithiasis, kidney failure.

The exact dosage of the drug when bearing a child depends on the overall health of the woman, her diet, the current trimester of pregnancy. Usually women are recommended to take one or two capsules twice a day. But the exact individual dosage of a pregnant woman should be prescribed by her gynecologist.

After the appearance of the baby, his mother can continue to take a useful drug. In the lactation period, it positively affects the production of milk and helps to cope with postpartum depression, replenishing the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids in the body of a young mother.

As you can see, during pregnancy, fish oil can and should be taken.

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