Can I fly early in pregnancy

Can I fly early in pregnancy?

For example, about flights on the plane by future mummies, disputes and lively discussions still go on. Probably, this question has been worrying since the first time mankind conquered the heavens.

But immediately put all the points above the "and". The interesting position of women is not a prohibition or restriction to this kind of travel. And in general, the period of bearing a baby is not a disease. However, in this period every future mother should reckon with her new position.

Flights during pregnancy: general information

First, you need to take into account the fact that every woman has a different course of pregnancy, that is, this process is completely individual. Therefore, before choosing a mode of transport, weigh all the pros and cons. In addition, it is impossible to refer to close people or relatives who successfully endured "heavenly" journeys during pregnancy. If your girlfriend or sister had no contraindications to flights, then this does not mean that you too can.

Before you conquer the heavens, analyze your age, health status and, of course, the term of the "interesting" position. But even with excellent health, it is impossible to foresee the reaction of the body to air travel and the period of acclimatization.

In addition, some foreign aviation companies do not miss future mothers who have a gestation period exceeding 24 weeks. According to the rules, they must demand from you a document that indicates information about the approximate date of birth of the baby and the absence of contraindications.

Of course, not all airlines are so demanding on pregnant women. But the fact that the stewardesses pass obligatory first aid courses during childbirth indicates that such cases are not uncommon for flights on an airplane, and this is a reason to think hard.

All of the above is not a definitive ban on flights, but only a kind of caution. Whether it is possible to fly or not, it is up to your doctor. But you also need to know the contraindications on this issue.

Contraindications to flights in the period of gestation

that flights in the early stages of pregnancy negatively affect the development of the child, so that the formation of pathological disorders and vices is possible. If to speak in truth, there are no scientifically proven facts on this matter, but flights on a short term are considered contraindications. The fact is that during take-off and landing pressure changes occur, which negatively affects the body of the pregnant woman. Such processes can increase the uterine tone, resulting in miscarriage. This warning is especially important given the low position of the fetus. In addition, such changes can cause detachment of the placenta or fetal egg in the early stages.

The list of contraindications also includes the presence of various diseases in the pregnant woman. For example, if you have been diagnosed with varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, and there is swelling of the legs, then it is better to refuse long flights or you can choose another type of transport.

Do not forget that the higher the airplane (more than 3000 meters), the lower the oxygen level, which is a direct threat to the baby, since an excessive amount of carbon dioxide can provoke oxygen starvation of the fetus. But with chronic hypoxia or intrauterine delay in the development of the child about flights, it is worth forgetting altogether. Also, doctors do not recommend air travel at an early pregnancy with severe toxicosis. In the case of in vitro fertilization, flights are also included in the "taboo" list.

When women in the position can fly on an airplane?

Probably, With such a number of contraindications, a reasonable question arose in women: when is it possible? Today many people, being in an interesting position, use the services of airlines and successfully transfer flights. But the first indication for the flight is the absence of all of the above contraindications, as well as the excellent health of the future mother. In addition, you need to consider the length of pregnancy. As we have already noted, doctors are cautious for early flights, since there is a risk of complications.

Specialists consider the most suitable period for flights - the second trimester of pregnancy. By this time, the formation of all the vital organs of the baby has already occurred. Yes, and you have already become accustomed to your condition and to study the reaction of your body. Besides, during this period, many women lead an active lifestyle and are characterized by sufficient mobility, because there is still a lot of time left before delivery.

Pregnancy and flights: recommendations

If the doctor does not see any obvious reasons for flying, then even then women must follow certain rules that will not only make the flight comfortable, but also create favorable and safe conditions for the baby in the mother's womb.

First, for women in the situation the most optimal condition will be the flight by business class. This affects both the physical convenience and the psychological comfort of a pregnant woman. As you know, in such places the most comfortable and wide chairs, as well as more space than in the economy class. An important role is played by the ban on smoking in places of increased comfort, because everyone knows the effect of tobacco smoke on the future child's body. And besides, in the tail of the aircraft oxygen deficiency is felt much more.

If you experience excitement during an air travel, then be reserved for a soothing, preferably one that your doctor has authorized.

For long flights do not hesitate to stand up and knead the legs a little. And even better before departure a little stroll around the airport. If you have a predisposition to varicose veins or there are signs of disease, then do not forget to wear special compression underwear (golfs, tights, etc.).

Do not interfere in the way and a set of things such as a small pillow and blanket. Although in airplanes and issue a veil, you can put it under the lower back and take a more comfortable position during the flight. As for clothes, it should be as comfortable and free as possible, preferably from natural fabrics. To ensure that the flight was safe, fasten a special belt under your tummy.

Such simple, but at the same time, important recommendations will significantly improve comfort during the trip and help to avoid all kinds of complications.

Have a nice flight!

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