Can I get pregnant after an abortion

Can I get pregnant after an abortion and how soon?

About risk groups

It is from the cause of abortion that it depends on whether the woman will be able to conceive again after a while and whether it is possible at all. Often, doctors can not give an accurate and specific answer to this question. It depends on the woman's body, on the speed of its recovery, immunity, possible complications after the abortion. Therefore, many women immediately fall into the risk group. It is, first of all, adolescents and women, who interrupt their first pregnancy in life. In the risk group and those who have a structure of female genital organs has pathologies.

The situation becomes clear after a routine examination with a doctor. Then it turns out whether there were complications or not, is it worth it to prepare the body for a new pregnancy and when to plan it.

And you can get pregnant within a month and a half after the abortion?

Statistics show that in a short time it's not easy to get pregnant. Therefore, the doctor who treats you will necessarily warn that it will be most difficult to get pregnant after an abortion on a long term. Such interruptions are fraught with inflammatory processes, tumors and infertility.

About the timing

And still get pregnant a month after the abortion can, but is it worth it? Skoropalitelnaya pregnancy can cause bleeding and again end with a self-abortion. In the end, pregnancy is a load and a rebuilding of the body, which is a serious test. Pity yourself, your genital organs and do not rush to it! After all, the doctor will certainly recommend you a taboo on sexual activity after an abortion. Approximately this period is 10-14 days. And the attending physician will individually determine the favorable time necessary for the restoration of the body and conception.

Sexual life must be restored reasonably and do not follow only natural instincts. It is very important to be protected after a return to regular intimate life. No less important task is to restore the hormonal background, because abortion destroys it. Doctors recommend waiting at least three months after abortion and not forgetting about contraception.

Consequences of abortion

For nulliparous women, abortion is a dangerous decision if it is taken consciously. After all, in the process of abortion, the cervix and its cavity are subjected to trauma. Removal of the fetal egg goes to the scraping of its walls.

Abortions are fraught for the next pregnancy and ruptures of the uterus. When you have done abortions many times, the walls of the uterus have become much thinner. Possible even the formation of through holes in them. Rupture of the uterus during childbirth threatens the danger of both the future mother and her child. After abortion there are also considerable risks of miscarriage. The cause of it can be istmiko-cervical insufficiency, in connection with the separation of the uterus during abortion with a special device. A consequence of this is the weakening of the cervix and its involuntary exposure at any time of pregnancy. This provokes a miscarriage.

Do not forget about the phenomenon of Rh-conflict, that is, different Rh factors of partners. Therefore, such women are highly advised not to have an abortion. After all, in the subsequent pregnancy after it, antibodies remain in the mother's blood. They have a negative effect on the fetal blood, if its group with a positive Rh factor. It is possible that after such an abortion a diagnosis of "infertility" will follow.

Whatever they say, and every abortion is a challenge to the laws of nature. Therefore, the principle of measuring a hundred times always works. If you do not listen to it, then the punishment can be the most severe.

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