Can I get pregnant without a period after birth

Can I get pregnant without a period after the birth?

Contraception - yes!

This risk appears in 3-4 weeks, if partners in the postpartum period are not protected. After all, even breastfeeding with a three-hour interval is a doubtful protection from pregnancy to the first menstruation. It is temporary and does not work for every woman. Some newly mummies are sure that they will not become pregnant before the cycle is restored during the period of breastfeeding. But those who have children, weather-keepers know perfectly well that they need to be protected from the moment, as soon as they continued their intimate life after the first birth.

Hormonal reconstruction of the body after the birth of a baby can last a different period of time. It depends on how difficult it was to give birth and how the female body after them is restored, from the age of the mother, the general state of her health, adequate nutrition and help in her life. As soon as the woman's health normalizes, the hormonal balance comes back to normal, sexual relations are renewed, and there is a huge risk of getting pregnant again. If there are no second pregnancies in the plans, and if there is no restoration of the reproductive system, doctors are strictly not recommended, then it is necessary to be protected. Ideally, a man could take care of this, considering that a woman has enough trouble with her child.

Lactation and pregnancy

From our babochke you can hear the opinion that the young nursing mothers have nothing to fear immediately becoming pregnant immediately after birth. Ostensibly the period of breastfeeding frees the woman from the need to protect herself if the child is fed every 3 hours or with a smaller break. This method of contraception is called "lactational amenorrhea". This option for protection from unwanted pregnancy works if the break in night feeding is no more than 6 hours, and the woman did not experience the first ovulation. If these conditions are not met, then the method is not reliable. Although some women successfully use it before the onset of the first menstruation. There are many who paid for arrogance. An example of this - brothers and sisters, the difference in the birth of which is a year, or even less. They are called pogodkami. The second, unwanted and unplanned, pregnancy is difficult to track. There is no menses, a woman does not know her position until secondary signs show herself. This is vomiting in a crumb, rejection of the breast, nausea in the mother, wiggling of the fetus. And, of course, after the last one no one will get rid of the child. For a long time a woman can only give birth.

Recall that the cycle begins with the first day of the month. And ovulation precedes them. When after the birth the woman finished the period of cleansing, lochia stopped, 6 weeks after the birth of a baby, she should visit a gynecologist. The doctor will evaluate the patient's health after the examination. He can also offer contraceptive options. His recommendations should not be neglected. After all, in the absence of menstruation, you can easily become pregnant, if you do not monitor and follow the onset of ovulation. And this is a rather complicated process. You can lead, for example, a graph of basal temperature, measuring it in the morning, without getting out of bed, at the same time. But is the nursing mother always able to do this, if she is entirely devoted to caring for the baby? She certainly is not up to such measurements. Not knowing the period of onset of the first ovulation, it is easy to get pregnant. Therefore, the best option is to use a doctor-appointed contraceptive or condom.

The young female body is recovering quickly after normal delivery. Reproductive organs can work with redoubled force, and conception begins. But this does not mean that it will be as easy to bear a baby as it was the first time. After all, pregnancy is always a burden, a test, stress. That's why doctors recommend between the first and second pregnancy to wait at least three years, so that the body could recover completely. Yes, and in terms of caring for a woman, it will be very difficult for a woman if she is a woman.

So, the absence of monthly after birth is not a guarantee against unwanted pregnancy. Be protected! Protect your body and strength.

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