Can I knit during pregnancy

Can I knit during pregnancy?

But at the same time, many pregnant women of the fair sex are convinced that such rumors arise from scratch, and continue to do everything that they did before. After all, every pregnant woman wants to look perfect, and why not take advantage of the services of a hairdresser. Many future mothers want to create something for their future child with their own hands, so why not do knitting.

It is needlework during pregnancy, namely - knitting, we will pay special attention today.

Where did the superstitions about knitting during pregnancy come from?

All the rumors and beliefs have come from ancient times, when births for women were receiving midwives. The fact is that at that time many people believed that the lessons related to the thread (knitting, weaving, etc.) negatively affect the child in the womb, as a result of which the baby is wrapped around the umbilical cord.

But, in fact, such an explanation was invented by the midwives themselves, who, due to ignorance in this area, often could not save the baby from suffocation during childbirth. Therefore, such a superstition as "during the carrying of a child is forbidden to knit," is a simple explanation.

Meanwhile, in some cases, experts still recommend to abandon needlework, but there are more objective reasons for this "taboo": vision deteriorates, there are problems with the back, etc.

Knitting in the period of bearing a baby: superstition and reality

The risk of wrapping a baby with the umbilical cord most often scares future mothers. But, as we have already said, this opinion came to us from antiquity. At that time, women were forced to do a lot of needlework to provide all the relatives with the necessary "wardrobe." And besides, the process of pregnancy was for many something unusual and incomprehensible, so it was much easier to prohibit something than to risk the health of a little man in the womb.

If we consider such a situation today, then every needlewoman makes knits during the knitting process on an even thread, hence the similarity to the umbilical cord and the wrapping of the baby. But if superstition were true, most of the children would be born with accusations.

Modern doctors can impose such a ban for other reasons. The fact is that during the needlework of a woman for a long period of time are in a static situation, which can lead to stagnation in certain areas of the body or insufficient oxygen intake to the child. To prevent such processes, experts recommend that from time to time pregnant women make small breaks (15-20 minutes) and conduct a simple warm-up.

Also, one of the causes of hand-made "taboo" is spoiled eyesight. In the old days, women knit a lot under low light. After all, in those days the only ways of lighting were a candle or a ray, so it is not surprising that the weak sex quickly spoiled the eyesight, and needlewomen simply could not physically engage in their activities for a long time.

Nowadays, modern lighting devices allow to solve such a problem and prevent the development of early blindness. But doctors even then recommend taking breaks and doing gymnastics for the eyes. This does not require much time and effort. During an exciting lesson, look at the corner of the room or the window, and then you can go back to knitting.

Very often, you can hear from others that you can not prepare children's clothes in advance, because such preparations can result in the birth of a dead child. And in fact during pregnancy to each woman it would be desirable to prepare all, including children's wardrobe, to a birth of the kid.

But such a ban is a simple explanation. The fact is that ultrasound diagnosis does not always accurately determine the sex of the child. There are cases when parents think that they are waiting for the girl and, accordingly, prepare a wardrobe for her in "pink tones". However, a boy is born, and here at mums and dads there is a question: where to put cooked things? But you should not worry about this, because children's clothes can always be sold or passed on.

But in order to avoid such embarrassing moments, experts advise parents to knit or buy neutral things that will perfectly suit both the little son and the beautiful daughter. After the birth of the baby, you can attach interesting items to them, indicating that they belong to the floor. And the best option is knitting things for adults. Thus, future mothers will do their favorite thing, and the question about the preparation of the children's wardrobe will disappear by itself.

But the problem of the older generation is difficult to eliminate. After all, moms and grandmothers know better, "what can" and "what is impossible" during the bearing of the baby. This habit of climbing out of place often becomes the reason for the future mother's refusal from the favorite occupation in favor of tranquility in the family.

Should I knit or not knit during pregnancy?

So, it's not forbidden to knit pregnant women. It depends on them whether they will be engaged in needlework or not. But even if a woman in the situation decides to give a damn about any beliefs and wants to pursue a favorite occupation, there will still be a person from her environment who, covering herself with care, will teach and point out to her. But women in the situation simply need positive emotions. And how can they be obtained if someone keeps repeating: "You can not hurt a child!". After all, you involuntarily begin to ponder and focus on a non-existent problem.

A pregnant woman, of course, can defend her point of view, but in return she will receive only grievances and misunderstanding, and negative emotions and quarrels in this position to anything. After all, nine months of pregnancy should be the most light and joyful. A future mother should surround herself with only positive emotions.

Knit or not knit - it's up to you, because such superstitions do not affect the course of pregnancy and the state of the baby. But it is important that your occupation does not become a matter of quarrels, and then nothing will mar the happiest period in life.

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