Can I take Afobazol during pregnancy

Can I take Afobazol during pregnancy?

Characteristics of the drug

This is a drug from the category of anxiolytics, that is, tranquilizers. Afobazol relieves anxiety. It is used to treat generalized anxiety disorders in adults, neurasthenia.

The drug is released in the form of tablets. Its main active substance is fabomotizol in a dose of 5 mg or 10 mg in one tablet. The peculiarity of this drug in comparison with other anxiolytics is that it does not belong to the group of benzodiazepines. In other words, it does not act on the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. And this means that after taking the medicine a person does not become lethargic, inhibited, drowsy and apathetic, which is typical of benzodiazepines. Afobazol does not relax the muscles, does not worsen the concentration of attention and memory. This is his advantage.

In addition to eliminating anxiety, this medicine activates the central nervous system. It also increases the speed of mental and mental processes, eliminates irritability, nervousness, relieves tension, anxiety, insomnia. The drug stops such manifestations of anxiety as sweating, muscle twitching, dry mouth and dizziness. All these positive effects are achieved 5-7 days after the start of the medication. They manifest themselves fully only by the fourth week of treatment.

Afobazol is especially effective for people who are suspicious, anxious, vulnerable, insecure. Often it is recommended to take narcologists when giving up smoking, in order to cope with the craving for a bad habit.

It should be noted that this medicine has a number of side effects. Among them - headache and allergic reactions, expressed sexual desire.

Afobazole in early pregnancy

The instructions to this medicine clearly state that during pregnancy and lactation it is forbidden to take it.

According to experimental studies, Afobazol has no adverse effect on fetal development in animals. But from humane considerations, such studies on pregnant women were not conducted.

However, the presence of many adverse reactions and the belonging of the drug to the category of tranquilizers forbids it to be taken during pregnancy, at early and other times.

Feeling of anxiety, anxiety, changes in behavior can be characteristic of future mothers in the beginning of bearing a baby. This is due to the hormonal restructuring of the female body. But it is in the first trimester that a woman should not take medications because all the systems and organs of the future boy or girl are laid.

There are situations when a woman does not plan to become a mother, takes Afobazol and suddenly finds out that she is pregnant. In such cases and when deciding to save a child, the drug should be stopped immediately. Gynecologists in such situations recommend turning to a geneticist to reinsure themselves.

In the state of anxiety and anxiety in the period of gestation, only safe phytopreparations should be used. There are herbal remedies that softly and without any side effects help to cope with nervousness, improve sleep and general condition. Let the pregnant woman be prescribed by the supervising obstetrician-gynecologist.

You can drink molasses or lavender infusion for the night, put a pillow next to soothing herbs. If the nervousness and anxiety of women are associated with specific problems, then it is worth going to a psychologist, a psychotherapist.

Yoga for pregnant women perfectly helps to cope with bad mood, apathy and anxious states.

In a word, tranquilizers always have an alternative, especially in pregnancy.

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