Candles Gexicon in pregnancy

Candles Gexicon in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Taking this into account, Geoxicon is treated with chronic exo-and endocervicitis, vaginitis. It is also used to prevent venereal diseases: gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis. More often than not, pregnant women are prescribed a hexicon before delivery in order to avoid infectious and inflammatory complications in the postpartum period.

It is recommended that future mothers use vaginal suppositories for treatment. The main active substance of the hexicon is chlorhexidine, and the basis of the suppository is polyethylene oxide, which envelops the vaginal mucosa, softens it and removes pathological excreta. In addition, candles are the most sparing way of treatment, as it bypasses the digestive system.

However, even if there are no serious contraindications to the drug, self-medication should not be dealt with, which primarily applies to pregnant women. Dosage and duration of treatment should be prescribed by the attending physician.

Often, the hexicon is used for prophylactic purposes immediately after unprotected intercourse. In this way it is possible to save the body from many sexually transmitted diseases, but on condition that the candle was inserted deep into the vagina within 2 hours after sexual contact. After the specified time, the infectious agent penetrates into the cells of the vaginal mucosa and the action of the hexicon is already ineffective.

It should be added that a pregnant woman should be confident in the health of her sexual partner, and not rely on the help of Gekson.

Contraindicated vaginal suppositories of Gexicon women with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. Side effects can be allergic reactions, itching and burning in the vagina. In this case, the use of Geksonon should be urgently canceled.

It should also be remembered that in the treatment of Geksikon it is allowed to carry out only the toilet of external genital organs. Means of intimate hygiene inactivate the drug.

Candles Hexicon injected deep into the vagina no more than 2 times a day for one suppository. Duration of treatment is 10 days. In the prenatal period, it is recommended to inject one candle for 5 consecutive days.

In addition to the candles, the hexicon is also available in the form of a gel and a solution for external use. These forms of the drug are used in gynecology, urology and dentistry. Gel is treated and various skin infections (pyoderma, panaritium, intertrigo). Solution Geksikon used in the form of rinses, appliques and irrigation. Apply it with a cotton swab on the affected surface of the skin or inject into the urethra.

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