Candles zalain during pregnancy

Candles zalain in pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

If possible, it is better to endure until the end of the gestation and expel the enemy immediately before childbirth. Firstly, thrush often recurs, and throughout the term can resume several times (or not pass at all). And to give birth nevertheless it is necessary without a thrush that not to infect the baby. But when there is a real need for treatment of the disease, you need to know what to treat.

Of course, it is better to choose the safest drugs for the fetus. However, they often can not cope with their task. In general, the selection of a medicine is a very individual matter, and here you will not guess - everything should be tried. Different drugs work differently when used by different women. But the problem is that the pregnancy period is not the best time for experiments.

Zalain candles effectively treat thrush. Compared to other, less harmful candles (for example, Pimafucin), after applying Zalain, relapses rarely occur. But again: not always and not at all. It happens that the result of these candles is zero. But the majority still helps. In addition, they are applied once, which is also a plus. But the instruction to the drug warns: "Considering the way Zalain supplements are used (once), and also the absence of systemic absorption, the use of Zalain during pregnancy and during lactation is possible if the prospective benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risk for the fetus or the baby." Therefore, you need to adequately weigh what is more dangerous in your particular case: thrush or the effect of the drug on the fetus? Consider that Zalain has contraindications, among which not only hypersensitivity, but in some instructions (it is not clear why not in all - the drug is the same) - and pregnancy! In any case, the manufacturer honestly admits that the use of Zalain during pregnancy was simply not studied, but in view of the composition and the action of the drug, you must still be cautious.

And remember, than when you treat thrush, it is necessary to do this to both partners at the same time!

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