Causes of female infertility and ways to solve the problem

Causes of female infertility and ways to solve the problem

Factors of female infertility

Diagnosis of the problem in women usually involves ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, a series of tests to identify infections and blood tests for hormones. After such a survey, the following reasons for the impossibility of conceiving a child are found:

  1. Hormonal disorders. When a woman changes her hormonal background, problems with the ovaries begin. This, in turn, does not allow the ovules to mature normally.
  2. Inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Inflammatory processes are most often caused by hypothermia and sexual infections. Approximately 75% of representatives of the weaker sex of childbearing age suffer from various inflammations and do not always treat them. This promotes the transition of acute inflammation into a chronic form, which is much more difficult to treat. The initiated inflammatory process is the first step towards female infertility.
  3. Abortions, trauma to the uterus.
  4. Tumors, ovarian cysts. The last suffer women under the age of 35 years.
  5. Defects of the reproductive organs. The cause of congenital anomalies can be heredity and the environment. To boththey are pathologies include absence of ovaries, underdevelopment of the fallopian tubes, "baby" uterus.
  6. Metabolic disorders. According to statistics, about 12% of cases of female infertility occur due to metabolic disorders. Obesity, excess weight very often lead to the fact that a woman can not conceive a child.
  7. Obstruction of the fallopian tubes, adhesions. They lead to infertility in 20% of cases. Partial obstruction of the tubes or a complete tube is sometimes the result of abortions, inflammations, and operations on the pelvic organs. This pathology occurs in women giving birth and nulliparous.
  8. Age. This reason very often does not allow to become pregnant with healthy women who have decided to give birth after 35 years. At this age, the ability to conceive a child is reduced by half. Nature has created us so, to give birth in youth.
  9. Stresses, physical and psychological overwork. There are enough negative factors in the life of each of us. They are the causes of hormonal failures, miscarriages. If the rest is ignored, then you can earn besides infertility and many other ailments.

Types of infertility

Absolute is the inability of a woman to conceive a child, for example, because of the absence of the uterus. If the diagnosis is "relative infertility", then its symptoms are successfully treated - and after a certain time pregnancy occurs.

Primary infertility or infertility of the first degree, means that the woman does not have the first pregnancy. Secondary is the impossibility of conception after successful previous ones, which ended in childbirth. In the early stages, infertility of the first and second degree can be eliminated.

Treatment of the problem

If after the examination the doctor sees that the physiological causes of infertility are not present in the woman, the tone recommends the couple's planned intercourse. After all, it often happens that the sexual act is not on a fertile period, in other words, a woman incorrectly calculates the date of ovulation.

If the causes of infertility are inflammatory processes, then antibiotic therapy, immunomodulators are prescribed. When the problem in the hormonal background, the doctor prescribes drugs clomid, dyufaston, morning.

If drug therapy does not help, then there are other methods of infertility treatment. Popular today is in vitro fertilization (IVF). For example, When obstructing the fallopian tubes, it is recommended to apply this method. True, he will not guarantee that from the first attempt to implant an egg fertilized in a laboratory way, it will take root in your uterus. Surrogate motherhood is another opportunity to have a child with a woman who is not able to conceive and give birth to a baby.

So, there is always a way and a choice for a woman.

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