Cervical canal during pregnancy

Cervical canal during pregnancy

What is the cervical channel?

The cervical canal is the area of ??the cervix that connects the uterine cavity with the vagina. This channel, in fact - a hole, is also called a yawn. It is through him during menstruation that blood is allocated, and during unprotected intercourse it becomes a gateway to sperm. The cervical canal is lined with epithelial cells that secrete mucus (secret). The width of the channel is on the average 7-8 mm, and its shape can be different. It depends on many factors, including: the age of the woman, the presence or absence of birth, hormonal background.

Changes in the cervical canal caused by pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy, the color of the cervical canal changes: it becomes cyanotic. By the way, according to this sign the doctor can establish a pregnancy in the early stages. During pregnancy, the cervical canal is tightly closed with a mucous plug, which protects the baby and the placenta from penetration of pathogenic microorganisms from the vagina. This cork is formed from slime, which, as we just said, is produced by the cells of the cervical canal. When the cork disappears - and this occurs shortly before the birth: in whom for 2 weeks, who - for 2-3 hours - the woman watches colorless or yellowish mucus, sometimes it looks through the veins of blood.

Before the birth the lumen of the cervical canal widens and reaches 10 cm in diameter.

Isthmiko-cervical insufficiency

Some women during pregnancy do not even think about what a cervical canal is and what function it performs. Others carefully study this question, because they are diagnosed with: ischemic-cervical insufficiency. This term means failure of the cervix, which is already in the early stages of pregnancy reveals itself and is unable to retain a growing fetal egg. Typically, this manifests itself at the 16-18 week, when the baby quickly gaining weight, but still actively moves. In this case, there is a significant threat of pregnancy disruption. The cause of this situation may be an increased number of male sex hormones, softening the cervix. Another cause of this condition can be a multiple pregnancy, with which there is increased pressure on the cervix. Among other causes of ismiko-cervical insufficiency are cervical lesions and anomalies of its development. Timely appeal for medical help allows you to resolve this issue and keep your pregnancy. In some cases, an operation is required in which sutures are placed around the cervical canal, which prevent the channel from opening up. Immediately before birth, the stitches are removed. In some cases, especially after 24 weeks, the doctor may use some device - obstetric rings, pessaries.

Cervicitis in pregnancy

Endocervicitis (cervicitis) - inflammation of the cervical canal, which arises because of the presence of sexual infections. Diagnosis of the disease during gynecological examination. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor takes the mucus for tests. In particular, sowing from the cervical canal to the flora, analysis for chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma, a common smear is carried out.

During pregnancy, this disease can be combined with inflammation in the vagina. The treatment of endocervicitis in this period is the use of "local" drugs, which, for example, are anti-inflammatory suppositories.

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