Champignons during pregnancy

Can I eat champignons during pregnancy?

Briefly about the mushrooms

Champignons in the world there are 200 species. Of these, only a few species are inedible. The first information on the cultivation of these fungi belong to the XVII century. Then the mushrooms were grown in Italy. Nowadays champignons are the most common mushrooms and account for 80% of the world's mushroom production.

They have a pleasant taste and an excellent flavor. The taste of champignons is preserved in high-temperature processing. That's why these mushrooms are considered a delicacy. Many dishes are prepared from them, they are perfectly combined with meat and fish. 100 grams of champignons contain 0. 1 g of carbohydrates, 3. 5 g of fats, 22 kcal, potassium and calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, iron and manganese, zinc and copper.

Can mushrooms during pregnancy

This question interests all future mothers, trying not to recover and at the same time to make their diet varied. Champignons are a nutritious product, but they should be bought in a supermarket. There they are delivered from places of special cultivation. Before the sale, the mushrooms undergo special control, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. Therefore just the mushrooms are the best choice of mushrooms for a pregnant woman.

Champignons are saturated with amino acids, necessary for the creation of tissues and cells of the future organism. Simply put, champignons are a protein that serves as a building material for a small organism. They are quickly digested, do not create a load on the digestive organs. Mushrooms are often equated with meat.

The use of these fungi during pregnancy is a low-calorie product, a large amount of protein and antioxidants in it, support the stable operation of the heart. Vitamins and trace elements in mushrooms are also important for the proper development of the unborn child.

In addition to mushrooms, future mothers are advised to use oyster mushrooms, honey agarics, buttermilk. These mushrooms accumulate in themselves a minimum of substances that can harm the body of a mother and child.

Before preparing champignons for a pregnant woman, you should always throw away wrinkled specimens, moldy, having a dark color. They will not bring good.

How to prepare mushrooms for a pregnant woman?

Even the most useful, but improperly prepared mushrooms for the organism of the future mother will not bring good. The process of cooking champignons has its own nuances and features. Mushrooms must be thoroughly washed, clean. Then they should be boiled for 30 minutes, drain and rinse. Then put out or fry, cook soups and other dishes.

As for pickled mushrooms, this way of preparing them does not allow them to be recommended for use by pregnant women. Dried and canned mushrooms, too, should not be used by future mothers. Salted mushrooms are at risk because they cause thirst, swelling. And heat treatment such mushrooms are not amenable, so you should not take risks!

It is necessary to know that pregnant women can develop an allergy or bloating after a mushroom dinner. If the pregnant woman suffers from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, then she should not eat mushrooms. This also applies to mushrooms. They can lead to bloating, feeling of heaviness and discomfort after eating.

So, mushrooms after proper preparation in reasonable doses to future moms will become a good option of protein food.

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