Charge after delivery

Easy charging after delivery
  • breastfeeding mothers before starting to exercise, you should buy special underwear: a pull-down belt and a special bra that will support the breast;
  • intensive physical exercises in the field of the press are forbidden to mothers who have not crossed the barrier for 6 months after childbirth;
  • the greatest burden should be directed to the muscles of the buttocks, legs and lower back, because during pregnancy these muscle groups were most inactive;
  • you can start physical activity from the first day after the birth, but the duration of classes should be increasing. That is, you can start with 5-10 minutes of classes, gradually increasing the time to 30-40 minutes a day.

Next, consider a simple set of exercises for charging after delivery, with which you quickly restore your physical shape.

Exercises to strengthen the chest muscles

  • from the standing position, connect the palms in front of you at the chest level and press one hand on the other, straining the chest muscles. After each pressing, we relax as much as possible. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times;
  • from the standing position, lean against the wall with outstretched hands and with a force push on the wall, as if trying to push it away from yourself. Exercise should be performed at least 8 times. After each exercise, relax muscles as much as possible.

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles

  • from standing, slowly raise and lower your shoulders. Repeat the exercise 8 times;
  • from a standing position, legs together, stretch horizontally hands to the sides, while the palm should be turned down. Next, cross the elongated arms in front of the chest, alternating the palms, - then the right above the left, then the left over the right. Repeat the exercise 8 times;
  • from a standing position on all fours, we do a deep exhalation and bend our back as much as possible, while relaxing our head and shoulders. Then take a deep breath, bend and raise your head. This exercise very well stretches the back muscles. Repeat 8 times.

Exercises for the muscles of the legs and hamstrings

  • from the supine position, bend one knee so that the foot is at the same time on the surface. Another knee pulls to the chest, hugging the hip of the raised leg with both hands. Next, slowly straighten the bent leg and stay in this position for 15 seconds, after which we lower the leg. Repeat the exercise 2 times for each leg;
  • from the standing position, feet on the width of the shoulders crouch slowly as if sitting on a chair. We crouch on inhalation, stand up with exhalation. Repeat the exercise at least 8 times;
  • holding the handrail, swing back, maximally straightened leg. We alternate the legs and repeat the exercise 8 times for each leg.

Perform the provided set of exercises is best for fun music. Good luck and great results!

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