Children's Panadol with pregnancy

Children's Panadol during pregnancy - instructions for use and feedback

But, unfortunately, pregnant women, like all people, are not immune from colds.

The first sign of the disease is a rise in temperature. Therefore, many doctors prescribe women in the position of antipyretic drug - Panadol.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

This drug is the same Paracetamol, but only in an improved form. It is often prescribed for the treatment of colds. Panadol effectively removes pain and fever, reduces temperature. The therapeutic effect is achieved through antipyretic and analgesic action.

The drug is released, as for adults (in the form of soluble tablets and suppositories), and for children (in the form of syrup and suppositories).

Can Panadol be used for therapeutic purposes by pregnant women?

Women in the position are often appointed as an antipyretic and analgesic agent namely Panadol. However, prolonged use of the drug for future mothers is strictly prohibited. This is due to the fact that with prolonged use the medication can exhibit harmful effects, which is extremely dangerous for the future baby.

The main active ingredient of the drug is paracetamol. This component has a very serious drawback - it can penetrate the child's place (placenta). However, until today, abnormalities in the development of the fetus in women taking this medication, was not revealed.

Despite this, however, doctors prescribe this drug only in extreme cases, when the benefit of taking the medicine exceeds the negative complications due to a cold.

Increased body temperature during pregnancy adversely affects the child's condition. If the time is not taken to normalize it, then there may be disruptions in the development of the future baby. In difficult cases, fever can lead to miscarriage, especially if it is dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, the use of antipyretic agents is fully justified. Immediately I want to note that it is forbidden to exceed the recommended therapeutic dose of the drug.

The advantage of Panadol is that it can be used in pregnancy, in contrast to the usual Analgin or Aspirin, which are strictly forbidden to use for women who are expecting a baby.

Is children's panadol effective during pregnancy?

There is a misconception that an antipyretic drug for children is less dangerous for pregnant women. However, if you carefully study the chemical composition of both medicines, it becomes clear that there really are differences, but they are only in the concentration of paracetamol. In children's Panadol it contains 125 ml, in the "adult" analogue - 500 mg.

Therefore, summing up, we can say that the use of women in the position of the drug made for children, is not justified, since the dosage of the active substance in the child's preparation will not produce a therapeutic effect.

It's important to know!

Pregnant should not forget that any independent actions can harm her and her baby. This also applies to taking medication. Only a doctor can determine the dosage of the drug and the duration of therapy, depending on the nature of the course of pregnancy.

Also, Panadol has some limitations that need to be considered when treating. It is forbidden to apply the drug at:

  • - liver disease;
  • - problems of the renal system;
  • - hypersensitivity to the main component.

To avoid health problems, a pregnant woman needs to think about strengthening immunity. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, walks in the fresh air will help protect the body from colds.

Be healthy and take care!

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