Children's uterus and pregnancy

Children's uterus and pregnancy

So, let's do it in order: child (infantile) is called the uterus, which for one reason or another has not reached its full development, that is, its dimensions are somewhat below the norm. It is important to know that the size of a normal uterus of a woman of reproductive age is: length 5. 5 - 8. 3 cm, width 4. 6 - 6. 2 cm, cervix - 2. 5-3. 5 cm. Therefore, deviations below the norm in the development of the uterus are considered a pathology in sexual development.

This pathology occurs due to many factors, in addition, the birth of the baby uterus can occur even at an early age of girls. For example, the transferred infectious diseases during the formation of a girl can provoke hypoplasia and infantileness of the uterus.

Also to the causes of the pathology of the uterus can be attributed avitaminosis, malnutrition, violations in the endocrine work of the body and frequent stress. That is why it is so important to carefully monitor the health of the girl as a teenager, namely: avoid hypothermia, infectious diseases, eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is especially important to pay attention to the nutrition of the girl during the ripening period: all sorts of diets for slimness and restrictions in food can provoke inhibition of puberty and provoke pathology.

In addition, the reduced size of the uterus can be congenital. In this case, the female genitalia are correctly formed, but the follicles do not develop and ovulation does not occur. Monthly also most often have an irregular cycle, therefore, pregnancy planning is very difficult.

However, even if you have a baby uterus, you should not despair. Modern medicine offers many ways to treat uterine hypoplasia: hormonal treatment, physiotherapy, warming up, laser procedures and uterine massage. In addition, traditional medicine also offers a number of methods for treating the baby uterus. Therefore, after successful treatment and adjustment of the hormonal background, the desired pregnancy occurs most often without special difficulties.

Thus, in the presence of an abnormality of the development of the uterus, one should not despair: it is important to undergo a thorough examination on time and not to delay with treatment. In addition, after successful treatment, the course of pregnancy should occur under the close supervision of a specialist. We wish you success and a desired pregnancy! Be healthy.

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