Consequences of smoking during pregnancy

Consequences of smoking during pregnancy

It is scientifically proven that smoking women are more likely to have children with a cleft in their face. The formation of the sky occurs at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, and the smoking of the future mother during this period may manifest as a "wolf mouth" or "hare's lip" in a child. It is proved, that the effect of nicotine on the baby's brain in the prenatal period makes it more prone to smoking in adulthood.

The circulatory system and the nervous system of the baby also suffer. And this can lead to numerical disorders of the psyche:

  • the risk of developing autism increases by 40%
  • The high probability of developing Down's disease
  • syndrome of Phil's non-attendance - these children are usually aggressive and prone to cheating
  • already at an early age such children are characterized by inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity
  • the level of mental development is usually below average: they later begin to read and count, they have a lag in growth from their peers
  • such children are more prone to crime than others

You should know that smoking during pregnancy is often the cause of stillbirth and death of babies in their sleep. And for the most pregnant, a bad habit can turn into a number of serious problems:

  • the threat of miscarriage and premature birth;
  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • a variety of changes in the placenta;
  • complications of the prenatal condition;
  • Great chances of ectopic pregnancy.

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