Consequences of the frozen pregnancy

Consequences of a stiff pregnancy

No doubt, every woman will be shocked by what happened and painfully experience the loss. And by and large, the most significant consequences of a frozen pregnancy are reduced to these mental suffering. It's very good, if a close person will be with you, who will be able to support you in a difficult moment. But you yourself must be strong and do not focus on what happened. Perhaps you will be comforted by the news that an undeveloped pregnancy is by no means a verdict for a woman. In the future, she can successfully conceive, safely endure and happily give birth to a beautiful baby. It is only necessary to adjust yourself to a positive wave and move on.

Lovely women, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the embryo dies in utero due to its non-viability. So it happens in nature, natural selection has not been canceled. And, in truth, the death of a fetus with incompatible pathologies is the best outcome, especially in the early stages. To lose a child in the second and, especially, the third trimester is much more difficult, as well as seeing an inferior baby.

Therefore, try to perceive a frozen pregnancy, even if it is tragic, but still inevitable. Alas, we can not influence the outcome of these events. But we can prepare for the next pregnancy in the most careful way.

The main thing that you should learn from our message to you: the consequences of a frozen pregnancy do not provide for mandatory miscarriage of the child in the future. Even if a woman has experienced it again (or maybe several times), it is still possible to endure and give birth to a baby, but in this case, no medical assistance can not be dispensed with. A married couple with a habitual miscarriage will have to be examined and adjusted to long-term training, but one should never lose hope.

In any case, you should take into account some of the nuances and, in order to minimize the consequences of a stagnant pregnancy, know the following.

Prophylaxis of inflammation

A gynecologist who has stopped or underdeveloped pregnancy qualifies as a failed miscarriage. Further tactics will depend on many circumstances. Often, doctors prefer to take a wait-and-see attitude for a while, that the uterus itself will tear away the dead embryo - and it will be expelled by the natural way (miscarriage will take place). If this does not happen, the fetal egg is removed artificially.

Regardless of how the undeveloped pregnancy was interrupted, it is necessary to undergo a thorough medical examination after the removal of the fetus. Any remnants can lead to the onset of the inflammatory process and the strongest intoxication of the female body, which, undoubtedly, can affect your reproductive health. So do not let things go by themselves, and give proper attention to the issue. Be sure to visit a gynecologist after an unauthorized abortion due to a dead pregnancy and go through ultrasound if you are referred for research.

Recovery period

After a frozen pregnancy, doctors recommend waiting a certain period before getting pregnant again. From the moment of conception and especially after implantation of the fetal egg into the uterine cavity, significant changes and hormonal changes occur in the woman's body. Sudden abortion is a great stress for him and requires a recovery period. Use it for general recovery and complete medical examination: delivery of all tests, checking the level of hormones, thyroid status, presence / absence of infectious diseases. Start planning your next pregnancy and prepare for it in the best way, and certainly together with the future father. Lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, cure chronic diseases, adjust your menstrual cycle, strengthen the immune system, start taking natural vitamin complexes, adhere to a healthy healthy diet. And, at least 3-6 months ensure reliable contraception. The whole complex of these activities will increase your chances of a favorable course of pregnancy in the future.

Positive attitude

And one of the most important moments - keep optimism. No matter how sad or tragic the outcome and the consequences of a frozen pregnancy seemed to you, it is very important to believe in the best and move on. You can mourn for something that you could not influence and what can not already be changed, or work on what else can happen and expect the best. It is extremely important to get rid of all fears and make the next attempt only when you are confident of a favorable outcome, because all your experiences will affect the course of pregnancy and the development of crumbs.

Many women experience a dead pregnancy. But life shows that very soon they become mothers of beautiful children, which we wish you! Everything will be fine!

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