Cowberry leaf during pregnancy

Cowberry leaf during pregnancy - use, useful properties, contraindications

That's why every woman used to try to prepare for the winter dried berries and dried leaves of cranberries with sugar. After all, all are ill, and especially often - children.

Each doctor heals in his own way

During pregnancy, cranberry leaf is often used as a diuretic for nephropathy and treatment of urinary tract infections. Cowberry leaf is also prescribed for future mothers, who suffer from diabetes mellitus.

But this question remains one of many medical questions we do not understand: how can you take a cowberry leaf during pregnancy or not?

Some doctors categorically forbid it to do, referring to the fact, that this plant can bring the uterus in tone. Others explain that starting from the 28th week it is quite possible to resort to this folk remedy against edemas. But there are others who are convinced that with the right dosage and method of application, the cranberry leaf is absolutely safe and even useful for the mother and baby at any time of pregnancy. Moreover, this remedy is considered quite easy.

Here there can be only one advice: trust your doctor. Otherwise, find another, the recommendations of which you will carry out with a calm heart.

How to use a cowberry leaf during pregnancy

On the package with a cranberry leaf there will certainly be a recipe for preparing a medicinal broth and instructions for use. However, if the doctor appoints you a decoction of leaves of cranberries, do not hesitate to clarify with him how to cook and take the medicine so as not to harm yourself and the baby.

Usually, pregnant women are given 200 ml of decoction per day - 50 ml in 4 divided doses or 200 ml in two divided doses. Preparing the broth at the rate of 1 teaspoon of dried leaves per glass of water.


In combination with other herbs, the diuretic action of cranberry leaf is strengthened, say phyto-therapeutists. However, be careful in applying fees, because it is very difficult to track the body's reaction to each of the herbs included in it, if at all. In addition, you can not be sure that absolutely all of the components are safe to use during the period of bearing the child.

Keep in mind that a cowberry leaf is a medicinal plant. And it can be used only on the prescription of a doctor and under his supervision. You should not appoint it yourself and especially recommend it to others.

If you are not sure about the safety of using cranberries and cranberry leaves during pregnancy, use other tips for reducing puffiness. For example, try to be less on legs, more often lift them above a level of a body, supervise a drunk liquid. After a consultation with a doctor, you can practice kefir-curd fasting days - in all senses are useful. Or ask your doctor for another effective method.

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