Determining the sex of the child by ultrasound

Determining the sex of a child by ultrasound

Determine the sex of the child with ultrasound is the most reliable, you just need to turn to an experienced uzist, who specializes in pregnancy, and at a certain time. In the first 2 weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasound transducer may not even detect a fetal egg, and the new life is only beginning and its main vital organ is certainly not what the sex of the baby will determine in the future, although it has long been understood who exactly is born, because the sperm that fertilized the egg already rewarded it with the X chromosome (then the girl will be born) or Y (the boy will be born). Here such here uneasy nature of the person.

What can be seen there?

So, everyone sees the Uzzists and what they pay attention to when every third future mother asks the same question: Who is there? Naturally, the doctor will visit the baby to where his intimate place is located. Between the legs of the girl the ultrasound shows the labia, and the boy has the scrotum and even the penis itself. Naturally, these organs are still far from the "ideal", but they can already be seen on the monitor screen.

The genital organs begin to form in the future baby somewhere from the 8th week. On the 12th they can already be discerned, despite the fact that the fruit is still very small. And since the 21st week, all the genitals are visible "in all its glory." Sometimes babies in the tummy eagerly brag about them, or they try in every possible way to "hide" an intimate place.

When does ultrasound make a mistake?

Based on the above, it is not difficult to guess when the "ultrasound diagnosis" (about the sex of the child) will be as accurate as possible. The correct answer is: from the 21st week. If you determine the sex of a child before, it is easy to confuse the genitals of a girl and a boy. It happens that in the early stages the labia of the girl swells, and the doctor takes them for the boy's scrotum.

Other case, when instead of "pisyuna" the umbilical cord or finger of the handle sticks out. In the early stages, in this case, it is possible to "forecast" the birth of the heir incorrectly.

Do not think that at the latest time the doctor will notify you with 100% accuracy about the birth of a child of a particular sex. On the contrary, the longer the period, the more difficult it is to discern the seemingly prominent genitals. It is understandable, because the baby in the womb takes its position, barely able to fit in the tummy, and therefore his "patrimony" is not always in the foreground.

Well, perhaps everything is clear: the second (mandatory) visit to the office of ultrasound just in time 21-23 weeks will answer the exciting question. But here everything is not so cloudless. Who knows, maybe your baby will be so shy that he will not want to show what is developing between his legs. Be patient. Let your kid make you the first surprise in life!

Good luck!

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