Dexamethasone in the planning of pregnancy

Dexamethasone in the planning of pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

And indeed, among the numerous indications in the instruction to Dexamethasone, only one concerns the bearing of a child - eclampsia (toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy). Medical workers claim that, unfortunately, the abstract to Dexamethasone is outdated and does not describe its frequent use in endocrinology, gynecology and obstetrics. On the contrary, the instruction states that it is contraindicated during pregnancy, which many misleads, because in fact it is during pregnancy that it is prescribed.

Dexamethasone is a synthetic analogue of the hormones of the adrenal cortex. It is up to him to restore the balance of his kind in the human body. Interfering with the broken metabolism of hormones in the body, it reduces the formation of male sex hormones. Here we are smoothly and approached our main question. Hyperandrogenism is a phenomenon, when in the body of a woman an increased amount of male hormones (androgens) often leads to infertility, and in the case of a pregnancy that has taken place, it is threatened with a breakdown or, in fact, a miscarriage. The constant intake of Dexamethasone regulates the level of hormones in the body, and conception becomes possible. After a woman can get pregnant, the drug is not canceled, but the dose is adjusted and continue to take some more time, and sometimes even until the very birth. Experts argue that you should not be afraid of possible complications, as in preparation for pregnancy the dose of the drug is not large, but those hormonal disorders, for which Dexamethasone is prescribed, is much more dangerous than its administration. Keep in mind that all side effects of the drug are described for those cases where the patient takes 5-6 or more tablets per day. Dosage & frac14; a pill, which is usually prescribed at the planning or pregnancy stage, can not in any way cause serious negative consequences.

To assess the level of androgens, a special analysis is carried out-17KS, the essence of which is the determination of 17 keto-steroids in the patient's blood. If the level is raised, the doctor will prescribe Dexamethasone for successful conception.

If the doctor prescribed this remedy for you, then you should know the following. Dexamethasone takes part in metabolism, including fat. The effect of the drug on fat metabolism is that the production of fatty acids increases in the body, the level of cholesterol rises in the blood, the fat mass increases. At what to recover women begin mainly in the upper part of the body. Reading these lines, It is not necessary to make eyes round with horror and to think, where to hide recently bought packing with tablets. Practice shows that many women do not have any weight fluctuations at all. A greater chance to increase in volume exists among those who are genetically inclined to completeness.

It will also be superfluous to know that during the intake of Dexamethasone, the body needs an additional amount of potassium and calcium, since these substances are actively excreted from the body, creating their deficiency.

Another action of the drug - inhibition of the immune system. And since the production of active substances protecting the body is suspended, be ready for exposure to infectious diseases.

Keep in mind, that this drug is prescribed ONLY by the doctor and only after carrying out the necessary tests! Unauthorized drug treatment is unacceptable! The doctor will prescribe the dosage and treatment regimen based on the results of the tests and the individual characteristics of each individual patient.

It is very important to take Dexamethasone without missing, and clearly at the same time. Medical workers are usually advised to take it early in the morning after a meal, so that one of the side effects - a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract - is not manifested.

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