Diana 35 and pregnancy

Pregnancy and reception Diana-35 - opportunities and the onset of pregnancy

Ideally, an oral contraceptive should be selected only according to the results of analysis for hormones. At least, it should be done together with a gynecologist, and not on the advice of a friend. If OK is chosen correctly, it will not only be effective, but also easily portable. Multiple probable side effects can be avoided, taking only useful qualities and properties from it.

One of the reasons gynecologists assign oral contraceptives to their wards is female androgenization. Often it is the cause of infertility in women. In this case, the contraceptive pills Diana 35 can work very well. They are just for women with an elevated level of male hormones.

Pregnancy on the abolition of Diana 35

In modern obstetrics there is such a thing as "pregnancy on the abolition of OK" or the so-called "rebound effect". This is often used today, the essence of which is as follows. A woman takes an oral contraceptive to put her ovaries to sleep a little. Then reception OK stops, and the rested oocytes Ћthe second breathЛ opens. Thus, you can solve some problems with ovulation, not giving a couple to conceive a child.

For women with increased production of androgens, doctors often suggest using Diana 35 for this purpose. It is well tolerated, experts say, and does not harm the female body. In the absence of serious health problems, pregnancy after Diane 35 occurs immediately after cancellation. This should be taken into account for girls who do not plan to have children in the near future.

At the stage of pregnancy planning, Diana 35 is usually prescribed for 3-6 months, sometimes in several "visits". Then the gynecologists advise to withstand a pause of 2-3 months, giving the body the opportunity to rest and recover, and to start working on conception. That is, at this time, you should worry about other (mechanical) contraceptives. When pregnancy is immediately after the abolition of the OC, the risk of fetal fetal or miscarriage increases, experts say. Therefore, it is better to postpone the moment of conception a little.

A huge number of reviews confirm the fact that Diana 35 is really an effective drug. Many girls get pregnant in the 3-4 cycle (earlier and later - also happens) after the abolition of Diana 35. But, of course, this is not a panacea. The drug is not omnipotent, not suitable for everyone and does not always help.

Pregnancy in the presence of Diana 35

If you are looking for an answer to the question of whether pregnancy is possible against the background of Diane 35, then he is affirmative, although something needs to be stipulated here. Doctors believe that with accurate compliance with the dosage, regimen and rules for taking pills, pregnancy against their background is almost impossible. Be sure to start taking Diana on the first day of menstruation, take the pill daily at the same time (plus or minus within reason) and do not miss the appointment! If these conditions are violated, an unplanned pregnancy, of course, is possible.

If you are taking Diana 35 for contraceptive use, then remember that a maximum of one year of regular admission should take a break for 2-3 months. When there are side effects from the drug, it is necessary to find an alternative together with a doctor.

If it so happens that you become pregnant while taking OK, then you should immediately cancel the pill, go through an ultrasound and see a doctor. We wish you good luck!

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