Diet before birth

Do I need a diet before giving birth?

The main principle of nutrition in pregnancy - a simple and healthy food, saturated with vitamins, proteins, calcium. The absence of canned food, fatty and acute, is also desirable. After all, during the period of gestation, the body of a woman becomes vulnerable to stress, which were previously tolerated normally, for example, to the consumption of fatty foods. During pregnancy, they can cause diarrhea, which is fraught with vitamin deficiency and lack of nutrition for the baby in the womb of the mother.

Nutritionists recommend pregnant women a month before delivery to change their daily diet, preparing for this organism. So, here are their tips:

  1. 30 days before the expected date of delivery. Nutritionists advise & bdquo; say goodbye & rdquo; for a time with animal protein in the form of meat and fish, eggs and butter, as well as milk. Sour-milk products in the diet should be left. Yogurt and cottage cheese, kefir and sour cream - one of these products should be present in the menu every day. The emphasis should be on vegetable food and cereals with black bread, a dessert to which can be fresh juices, fruits and dried fruits, herbal teas. But with herbs a month before the birth, too, should be careful, because, for example, thyme stimulates uterine contractions. Therefore, it is better to remember such tea after childbirth.
  2. Fourteen days before the proposed delivery. It is advisable in this period to remove even cereals from the ration, leaving only plant food and sour-milk products. It can be a variety of vegetable salads with vegetable oil, potatoes and beans in moderation, yogurts and curd casseroles. Such food will help the intestines of the future mother to remain unloaded. And yet, such limitations are explained by the fact that the child in the womb of her mother is already too large, and her body can not easily cope with the processing of heavy food.
  3. Seven days before delivery. During this period, nutritionists advise pregnant women to exclude from the menu sour-milk products and leave only vegetable, that is temporarily become vegetarian. Juices and fruits, vegetables and salads with vegetable oils are allowed. Vegetables can cook and bake, make fruit souffle, jelly.
  4. On the day of the proposed delivery, if you feel the first bout or you have water left, it is better not to eat anything. This is explained by two factors. The first is nausea arising during labor. The second - the need for the intestine to remain empty, because after giving birth, it will be difficult for a woman to go to the toilet. It is recommended to do enema at the beginning of childbirth, as it is less painful than in their process. When starting battles, you can drink mineral water without gas and lemon. It's better if it's table water.
  5. Diet. One month before the birth of a woman it is desirable to switch to a fractional food. It can be 4- or 5-time. At the same time, the optimal interval between meals will be 3-3, 5 hours. Eating a little, but often, will greatly facilitate the work of both the stomach and the intestines. It is better if you eat more calories in the first half of the day (porridge), and sour-milk products and fruits will become the basis of your dinner. Such a diet will facilitate the future mother's sleep and mobility, because some women a month before giving birth even go with great difficulty. Juices are best not to drink after 19. 00, otherwise the pressure of the uterus on the bladder and the diuretic effect that they possess can cause you to get up in the toilet and in the middle of the night.
  6. Method of cooking. One month before the birth, it is better to cook vegetables by baking in the oven than cooking. Such heat treatment will retain in them more vitamins and nutrients.

And the last recommendation of dieticians, gynecologists, neonatologists - smile, tune in positively, you will succeed - and you will adequately cope with the main task of your life.

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