Disclosure of the cervix

Disclosure of the cervix before delivery - stages, timing, possible complications, stimulation

Ideal cervix before birth

The parameters that characterize the condition of the uterus before birth are its location in the small pelvis, the state of softness and length. The softened cervix of the uterus to the point where it can pass in 1-2 fingers of the doctor, indicates the readiness of the birth canal to the process of delivery. Such changes are accompanied by the escape of the mucous plug. That is, the earlier the cervix began to unfold, the earlier the mother gives birth to this sign of the beginning of the fights.

Before birth, the cervix is ??shortened. According to medical statistics, its length is about one centimeter. If we talk about the location, then it becomes in the center of the small pelvis, while in pregnancy the cervix is ??tilted back.

All the above parameters of the physician evaluated on a five-point scale. 5 points scored indicate the ideal readiness of the uterus for childbirth. This condition is called a mature uterus.

Stimulating the opening of the uterus

The above refers to the excellent parameters of prenatal activity. But in practice this is not always the case, and physicians resort to stimulating the process of opening the cervix.

If a medical examination showed that the cervix is ??not mature, and you should soon give birth, then it is perfectly permissible to accelerate this process and make stimulation. Not to use it sometimes means to doom the child to oxygen starvation taking into account that before birth the placenta "grows old" and can not cope with its functions, as before.

In practice, stimulation is done in four ways, sometimes with their combination:

  1. Injection of the synestral is intramuscular. The drug makes the cervix mature, but does not affect the fights.
  2. The introduction of laminaria rods into the cervix. Such sticks, 5 cm long, are placed in the cervical canal. After a few hours they swell under the influence of moisture and thus open the cervical canal.
  3. Introduction of a gel with prostaglandins into the cervical canal. This gel works quickly - and the neck opens in 2-3 hours.
  4. Introduction of Enzaprost intravenously. This drug also contains prostaglandins. Thus, the period of contractions decreases in time.

Sometimes women use independent stimulation of childbirth.

Among them:

  1. Enema. After it leaves the mucous plug - and the cervix becomes mature. The procedure can be used only for those women who have already reached the date of delivery, that is, the baby is full.
  2. A warm bath is not recommended when the cork and water are gone. Dangerous procedure for women with high blood pressure.
  3. Sex acts as a medical stimulant, because sperm contains prostaglandins. That is, it contributes to the maturity of the uterus. But you can not have sex with pregnant women who have already lost cork. After all, the probability of & bdquo; pick up & rdquo; infection in the uterus.
  4. Physical activity. It can be a walk at a fast pace, washing the floors, cleaning. With these methods, you do not need to overdo women with hypertension.

But such methods can be fraught with dangerous consequences.

Stages of cervical dilating

The cervix before the birth passes through several stages of unfoldment. The first one is called latent or slow. It lasts 4-6 hours with the opening up to 4 cm. The fights take place every 6-7 minutes.

The second stage is called active or fast. Every hour the cervix opens 1 cm. This lasts up to 10 cm, and contractions occur every minute.

The third stage is full disclosure. It characterizes the process of the onset of labor. Sometimes the opening of the cervix is ??premature. This is evidence of pathologies and, without treatment, can lead to premature birth or miscarriage.

A pregnant woman should remember that in the period before giving birth, you need to be ready for the birth to begin earlier. If you feel unwell or have other symptoms, consult a doctor right away.

Tranquility to you and health!

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