Duphaston infertility

Duphaston with infertility - how to take, features of the drug and reviews

Mechanism of action of duftaston

Nowadays, gynecological statistics state that the most common causes of female infertility are endometriosis, obstruction of fallopian tubes and progesterone insufficiency. Just the last problem in our time is treated quite successfully. And help in this drug dyufaston.

What is this problem? This is a lack of development of progesterone - one of the main female hormones. Such a deficit in the body of the fairer sex leads to the impossibility of conceiving a child or early termination of pregnancy (miscarriage). A few decades ago this situation remained unsolvable, and the woman resigned herself to the fact that she can not become a natural mother. Fortunately, this is already in the past. Today, the deficit of the hormone progesterone replenishes the drug dyufaston. It is an analog of progesterone, which was created by artificial means, that is, in a laboratory.

The molecule of the main active substance - dihydrogesterone - is essentially close to a natural hormone. Getting into the female body, performs similar functions. It is worth noting that similar hormonal preparations existed several decades ago. However, they were obtained from male sex hormones, which was accompanied by a number of side effects. Among them - increased hairiness, a change in the tone of voice, a violation of metabolism, that is, in the female body there were changes that made him look like a man.

Dupuston has no similar effects. Therefore, its application is not only successful, but also safe, does not threaten a woman with anything in the treatment of infertility and in the early stages of bearing a child.

Progesterone, which is produced by the ovaries, affects the uterine mucosa. After the ovulation period, a yellow body forms on the site of the former follicle. It is this that synthesizes progesterone. Its concentration increases, and under the influence of this process the inner layer of the uterus becomes loose. It is this environment that needs an egg for easy and unhindered attachment to it. When in the female body of progesterone is synthesized too little, the egg simply can not attach itself to the uterus, for this there are no suitable conditions. This situation gynecologists is called as a habitual miscarriage of pregnancy. Duphaston in such cases is prescribed in order to increase the level of progesterone, and implantation of the oocyte becomes possible. This appointment is made by a doctor only after a survey is performed and it is confirmed that the problem of non-pregnancy has hormonal causes.

How to be treated with the drug

When tests show a low level of progesterone in the blood, the appointment of djufastone is the traditional method of treatment. But the gynecologist should appoint the scheme of its reception individually to her patient. You can not give universal advice on the use of this drug, or focus on the scheme assigned to your girlfriend, neighbor.

Most often a woman is recommended to take the medicine the next day after the onset of ovulation. Many women, having a stable cycle, can easily calculate this date. Others for this use special tests.

Take duhfaston before the start of menstruation. As a rule, the drug cancellation in each cycle is carried out only when no pregnancy has occurred. And this is due to the fact that a sudden decrease in the progesterone index causes a worsening of the condition of the fetal egg, its rejection.

Usually, before pregnancy, dyufastons take at least six months. And ate during this time the pregnancy does not come, then the attending physician may change the treatment regimen, prescribe an alternative drug or additional examinations. When, after taking the medicine, pregnancy occurs, you can not stop taking it yourself. Be sure to tell your doctor about pregnancy. He can just adjust the dose of the drug. After all, in this situation, the medicine relaxes the uterus, lowers the tone, creates comfortable conditions for the fetus.

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