Elevated cholesterol in pregnancy

Why does cholesterol rises during pregnancy and its norm in the blood?

High cholesterol and pregnancy

A healthy and balanced diet of a woman is the basis of a normal (physiological) gestation of a child.

The daily diet depends on the parameters of hemoglobin, sugar levels, lipoproteins, triglycerides and cholesterol.

If we talk about ordinary people, then the violation of the last substance is considered to be above 6, 1 mmol. This is a sign of anxiety, a risk factor that leads to the development of various diseases. But for pregnant women, high cholesterol is the norm. At the same time, the level of such excess can be one and a half to two times. Therefore, doctors do not advise to worry about this. Elevated cholesterol does not mean that a pregnant woman and her baby are at risk of cardiovascular disease, hormonal failures.

And double excess of norms is connected, first of all, with the fact that the liver of the future mother starts to produce more cholesterol for the development of the child. Already after his birth, after a while, a woman can pass an analysis to determine the level of this substance to make sure of its normalization. If the newly mum feeds well, watches herself, the results of the analysis will show that everything is in order.

About the definition of cholesterol

How do you know if everything is in order in a pregnant woman or an ordinary person with this substance? It's simple. It is necessary to donate blood from the vein for biochemical analysis. If the level of cholesterol exceeds the norms of one and a half or two times, then there is nothing to worry about for a pregnant woman. But when its indicators are increased by more than 2, 5 times, then this is already a sign of alarm. After all, this situation can lead to the appearance of fat deposits in the arteries of the future baby.

As a preventive measure, women are usually prescribed a Hofitol preparation with an individual dosage determination. But, as a rule, the dose of the drug is up to 3 tablets per day.

What affects the cholesterol count

Obstetricians-gynecologists knowingly advise the appearance in the family of children to plan. And if we are talking about the birth of the first baby, then it is desirable that he was born until the mother is not yet 30 years old. In healthy young women, blood counts can remain unchanged during pregnancy. If, before the onset of the "interesting situation" a representative of the weaker sex abused alcohol, loved to eat fatty, smoked, suffered hormonal diseases, then in her blood, the cholesterol values ??may increase more than twice. Also, those women whose age exceeds 35 years are at greater risk.

In healthy non-pregnant women up to the age of 20 the level of this substance can be in norm from 3, 07 to 5, 19 mmol. Already in 35-40 years, his rate is 3, 7-6, 3, and in 40-45 - 3, 9-6, 9.

How to normalize the level of cholesterol to future mothers?

To bring this figure back to normal, you need to follow some simple recommendations:

  • Give up fatty, fried, salty foods. The body of the future mother synthesizes the major part of the cholesterol itself. His surplus comes with this food.
  • To the very minimum, reduce the consumption of industrial sweets. It's about store cakes, pastries, chocolates, other desserts.
  • It is possible, on the recommendation of an observing obstetrician-gynecologist, to exercise moderately. It is better to give preference to yoga, swimming, special gymnastics for pregnant women.
  • You can not tolerate overeating. Future mothers are recommended fractional meals. Taking food 4-5 times a day helps avoid overeating.
  • In the diet of a pregnant woman, there must be products, components of which are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These are sea fish, flax seeds and oil. Observance of such simple rules will help a woman not only to normalize cholesterol indicators, but also to get rid of extra pounds, to feel good, to prevent the development of many pathologies of bearing a baby.

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