Essentiale during pregnancy

Essentiale in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

To normalize her work, the attending physician will certainly prescribe Essentiale. This is a new generation drug, it is prescribed for liver failure. Essentiale is also prescribed to reduce toxicosis or if a pregnant woman is diagnosed with gestosis. Often it is recommended to take it after childbirth.

Essential in pregnancy: instruction

This drug is mainly used to normalize liver function. This body has a very heavy workload, and therefore it often suffers and needs support and rehabilitation. It is to this function that the action of Essentiale is directed.

The drug is used in the complex treatment of conditions, accompanied by a general intoxication of the body and requiring the purification of the liver: it can be diabetes, skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis), and radiation damage. Practice therapy with the use of Essentiale and for the purification of the body after a prolonged intake of certain synthetic drugs.

The drug stops the formation of connective tissue in the liver. And the phospholipids entering into its structure restore the structure and functions of the liver cells.

Essential regulates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improves the functional state of the liver and its detoxification function, helps to preserve and restore the structure of hepatocytes. It is transferred, as a rule, well: side effects are few when manifested, except that with increased sensitivity to the drug.

Because of the good tolerability of Essential components, specialists evaluate it as a powerful tool for increasing the body's resistance. The phospholipids that make up Essential are well absorbed in the small intestine.

You can buy Essential in the pharmacy. Produced in the form of capsules and solution for injection. Capsules are sold without a prescription, but a doctor's prescription is already needed for the solution.

During the pregnancy, the dosage and course of treatment is determined by the attending physician, because they depend on the indications (that is, the disorder in the pregnant woman's body that required treatment with this drug) and the patient's health condition. Most often, future mothers are prescribed 1 or 2 capsules three times a day for several weeks, after which the dosage is reduced. But it is not uncommon for cases when it is necessary to take large doses and for a longer time - this is decided by a specialist.

When preparing a solution for intravenous administration, it is strictly prohibited to mix it in one syringe with other medicines. In addition, electrolyte solutions should not be used. The drug should be administered intravenously and very slowly. In no case can you enter Essentiale into the muscle, as this can cause severe irritation.

Capsules should be stored in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 20 А C. C. But ampoules, vials should be stored at a temperature of 2 А C. to 8 А C. C. And, of course, monitor the expiration date.

Is Essentiale available during pregnancy

As part of the medicine - only natural ingredients, and therefore can take it even pregnant. Moreover, it is the toxicosis in the bearing women (and early toxicosis, and late gestosis) are indicated in the list of indications for the use of this drug. And many women confirm that it helps fight nausea (although not always, judging by the reviews).

In addition, Essentiale includes and phospholipids - substances that are especially necessary for the body in the period of gestation, because they take an active part in a large number of biochemical reactions. In particular, they normalize the metabolism.

As far as the period of pregnancy itself is concerned, Essentiale can be assigned to a future mother and with violations in the bloodstream of the placenta.

Doctors say that the drug does not harm the fetus, and women who took it during the gestation period, confirm that they did not notice any negative consequences.

Still, drug intolerance occurs: most often it causes or intensifies nausea. Also, we must not forget that, like any medicine, Essentiale should also be used only on indications!

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