Eutirox during pregnancy

Eutiroks during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

In fact, even medicines or vitamins prescribed by a doctor can be potentially dangerous for future mothers and children. But when it comes to Eutirox, then there is no reason to doubt: the reason why Eutirox is administered during pregnancy is in itself extremely dangerous for the development of the baby.

Eutirox during pregnancy: to accept or not?

Euthyrox in pregnancy is prescribed with insufficient production of thyroid hormones, called hypothyroidism by doctors. Deficiency of these hormones has a very negative effect on the state of the nervous system of the fetus and leads to the formation of defects and disorders in its development, in particular, to severe mental retardation. Therefore, to take synthetic analogues of these hormones is forced. These drugs are based on thyroxine, such as L-thyroxine, levothyroxine sodium or Eutirox during pregnancy.

It's just awful, but before the appearance of synthetic analogues of thyroid hormones on the pharmaceutical market, pregnancy with hypothyroidism was interrupted according to medical indications precisely because of the extremely high risk of the birth of mentally retarded children. Today, the opportunity to maintain the necessary hormonal background at the level exists thanks to such drugs.

By the way, it is hypothyroidism that often causes infertility in women. But the presence of a deficiency of hormones a woman may not even know! It happens that for the first time hypothyroidism is detected during pregnancy during the delivery of tests. Whatever it was, but regardless of whether you started taking Eutirox during pregnancy or long before it, for the period of bearing the baby the drug should not be canceled in any case! Moreover, now the dosage will even have to be increased.

How to take Eutirox during pregnancy

Eutirox during pregnancy requires extremely cautious prescription, since the danger is not only a deficiency of thyroxin, but its excess. The regimen for taking and dosage should be prescribed by an endocrinologist, based on the results of the analysis (on TSH). Depending on the dosage Eutiroks during pregnancy can have a different effect on the body of the mother and child. Moreover, the level of TSH is necessary to constantly monitor and adjust the dosage of Eutirox during pregnancy throughout the term.

The entire daily dose of Eutirox, prescribed by the doctor, should be taken at one time, preferably in the morning (because the maximum concentration of the drug reaches 5-6 hours after ingestion) half an hour before meals (because the food slows down the absorption of levothyroxine). In no case can not combine the intake of Etourox during pregnancy with thyreostatic drugs: the latter in this case are canceled.

Admission Eutiroxa during pregnancy produces a cumulative effect, so its effect begins to manifest itself fully after 1-2 weeks from the start of the drug and continues for another 1-2 weeks after its withdrawal.

In some cases, doctors recommend that women temporarily stop taking the drug in the postpartum period. But most often Eutirox is taken constantly, throughout life, since the abolition leads to an immediate deterioration of the woman's well-being. Doctors note that Eutirox during pregnancy is usually well tolerated (although allergic reactions and side effects are still possible), and the available contraindications are taken into account by the specialist when prescribing the drug. In addition, the pregnant woman taking Eutirox is under the constant control of an endocrinologist and gynecologist. Therefore, one should not worry about such a need: the health of the baby's future is at stake.

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