Evitest pregnancy test

Pregnancy test Evitest - types, rules of use, effectiveness and feedback

Why do many choose Evitest?

One of the most popular among modern women's tests for determining pregnancy is Evitest. German company-manufacturer HELM Pharmaceuticals Gmbh promises to consumers a very high reliability (more than 99%!), The possibility of diagnosis at the earliest stages of pregnancy (from the first day of the delay). And the most important factor determining the choice of many women is the high sensitivity of the test, which is 20mME / ml.

In addition, Evitest is very convenient to use: it can be used anywhere at any time of the day (although it is recommended still better in the morning) and the company allows you to choose from different types of tests.

Evitest - types of pregnancy tests

The line of high-sensitivity Evitest tests is represented by four types of products:

  • EVITEST One is the simplest version, consisting of one test strip, which is very easy and convenient to use. Just take the strip from the package and lower it into the correctly collected urine to the specified mark for 3 seconds.
  • EVITEST Plus - contains 2 test strips to improve the accuracy of the determination. The second test (to confirm the results of the first) is carried out after 2 days, since every 48 hours the level of hCG in the urine of a woman is doubled.
  • EVITEST Proof - more accurate and convenient compared to the previous types of tablet test. To obtain the results, use the supplied pipette to drop 4 drops of urine onto the window in the plate.
  • EVITEST Perfect - inkjet test cassette, featuring convenience and hygiene in use. Simply place the marked end of the cassette under the urine stream for 5 seconds (after removing the cap from it), and after 5 minutes, evaluate the result.

Is Evitest effective?

On the tests of the company Evitest responded for the most part positively. This is actually convenient, and the results almost always coincide with reality. But only almost.

Recently, there are more and more negative reviews about Evitest. Often there are false results, which thoroughly undermines the authority of a very popular brand not so long ago. Even sellers in pharmacies admit that Evitest - is not the same as before. At least, buyers are increasingly complaining about his inaccuracy.

By the way, about accuracy. Evitest relies on its high sensitivity - 20mME / ml. But what is interesting: on the official website of the company you can find general information about the principles of the pregnancy test, where it is said that the declaration of sensitivity of the test in 10-20 units is nothing but a marketing move. In fact, all tests for early pregnancy diagnosis have at least 25mME / ml.

And a couple of words

In order to protect yourself from a false result, you should carefully read the instructions for the test and conduct it correctly. In addition, always pay attention to the expiration dates of tests and the state of packaging. Evaluate test results no later than 10 minutes after the test. And never use one test more than once.

Well, and not to slander any producers, take several tests of different brands. In this case, the chances of obtaining a truthful result will increase significantly.

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